Practical living ideas

Yes, we all like to surround ourselves with beautiful things, but enough in the household just be nice just sometimes not easy, there
it has to be useful. We master our everyday life best
with as little effort and turnover as possible. Here comes the practical
Living ideas of our experts just right, because they help us, smaller
and to easily navigate larger everyday obstacles and bring them with them
lots of fun and relaxation in our four walls. But see for yourself

Safe thing

UHOLD from is the first and only universal handle and stand for all tablet brands. If you've also had trouble keeping your tablet safe and working with it at the same time, then this genius invention will make your life easier. The handle made of technical porcelain is almost unbreakable, very pleasant and of high quality to touch and is attached by means of high-tech suction cup on the back of the device. It can be removed in no time and as often as you want and re-attached. The suction cup with a holding force of 40 kg is absolutely safe and can only be removed via the integrated pull-tab. UHOLD are available in nine different colors.

Extended or collapsed?

Of the Ozzio coffee table Flat, we at Livarea At first glance, it's a minimalist design coffee table in the cube style. That he also has some hidden talents, opens up only at second glance. This allows the table top to be raised in no time. In this way, the flat coffee table becomes a functional service table, where you can eat comfortably or work creatively. After use, you simply return the table to its space-saving starting position.

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House mouse with a difference

Here you do not see a computer mouse, but another super handy household helper. The HOUSE MOUSE of the Bergfeld + Schwan ARTICLE GmbH is a door and window stopper made of silicone and has your doors and windows firmly in the handle. The mouse nestles optimally and thus protects windows, doors, floors, walls and furniture. The winner of four international design awards HOUSE MOUSE is available in four different colors and is not only extremely helpful, but also visually a funny highlight.

2 in 1

Multifunctional furniture is an excellent solution for furnishing, especially if you want to save space. Of the bed table from 3rdskin is a particularly refined example, the table and bed in one unit and thus fits well into study rooms, which also serve as guest rooms. The convertible work table can be converted into a comfortable double bed in just a few steps.


Whether in the kitchen, at work or in the living room: power strips and cable salads are rarely handsome and beyond anything else than practical and space-saving. Much more elegant presents this retractable outlet tower, which we at our experts of Settele kitchen & live have discovered. The ingenious part can be pulled out of the worktop completely by light pressure and lowered again both during and after use.

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