Style in focus: German hairdressing salons

It's clear that style and good taste play a major role at the hairdresser's. But not only in terms of the hairstyle of the customer, but also in
Things salon design. Because here, too, shows once again that the first
Impression counts. Or where would you rather miss a new hairstyle?
leave - in a boring, careless or stale furnished environment
or in a cool, stylish and unusual salon? Today we have you
brought along five examples that convince with their overall package. Leave here
Do you like the razors and the pros, right?

Karma Hairdesign in Koblenz

at Karma hair design In Koblenz, our expert Christian Speier was faced with the task of redesigning an aging hair salon. From
his client, he was given the goal, a completely new,
to create a modern but not too cold ambiance that looks stylish, but
while radiating heat. The result: an inviting and exciting
Mix of industrial design, modern and renaissance.

Marc Bennemann Hairdressers in Berlin

Customers who visit the salon of Marc Bennemann Hairdressers Entering Berlin feels like being in a time machine. With individual lighting design, vintage furniture and playful details, the 1950s set the tone and create a cool retro look. Shapes, colors, furniture and materials play with a concentrated load of 50's charm and make the visit to this hair salon a very special experience.

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Hair Sweet Hair in Berlin

Our experts from Einraumkonzept took in Berlin the hairdressing salon Hair Sweet Hair and missed him a new, modern and individual interior design. Semi-plastered walls, state-of-the-art furniture and sophisticated details such as black chandeliers and vintage sofas add to the special charm of this salon. No one here will go home with a stuffy 08/15 hairstyle.

Hairdressing in Cologne

In the design of the hairdressing salon Haarwerk in Cologne the focus was on the extraordinary lighting installation. From a central point, 75 luminaires are distributed throughout the room. Thus, the customer is welcomed by a true sea of ​​lights. Together with the visible cables, it creates a spatial texture reminiscent of a distorted chandelier.

Carlos Hair in Bonn

Perfection, creativity and individuality are added Carlos Hair in Bonn capitalized - and you can see that also the salon design. The salon is framed by a historic pharmacy whose pharmacist shelves now offer space for a wide variety of hairstyling and hair care products. The exciting combination of classic and modern elements makes this salon design so special.

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