Cleaning tips for the whole apartment

Cleaning is one of the activities that most people do not enjoy, but still performs in regularity
Need to become. Also, if you employ a cleaning aid, you do not come
avoid cleaning your own four walls from time to time. The effort is always worthwhile:
If the apartment is freshly cleaned, she usually prepares us one
especially great joy.

Each room has its own challenges
Ready: While in the bedroom especially house dust becomes a real problem
can be left behind, leaves in the kitchen the regular handling of food
the biggest pollution. In this article are various tips
presented to facilitate the cleaning of the home - of the
Kitchen over the bedroom and the bathroom to the living area and the nursery.

Cleaning at different seasons

Every season makes its own demands on home and apartment plaster. While in summer, for example, the outdoor area is well maintained and sometimes even a gardener needs to be hired, in winter you can fully concentrate on the interior

But above all, the year round offers practical occasions
for a basic cleaning of the apartment or the house. This includes on the one hand the
classic spring cleaning, but also the preparation of your own four walls
the Christmas festivities. Finally, the week before the summer vacation can also
mark another meaningful time for the "basic cleaning": Because
if you clean and tidy the apartment when you return from afar
finds the arrival is particularly easy.

In that sense, it may be useful to have larger cleaning activities
to plan in advance for the whole year: Three to four intensive cleaning actions such as
The spring cleaning provide a reliable basis for a good and clean

Tips for the bedroom

Dust in the bedroom can not only be a problem for allergy sufferers. Dressing and undressing clothes also stirs up dust
the shaking of the comforters. Vacuuming is in the bedroom therefore
especially important: only so you can get the dust on a low
Keep level. Smooth surfaces should also be wiped off.

Another argument for the regular purge of the
Bedroom is the appearance of vermin that is in dusty
Bedroom feels especially comfortable - and a blatant risk for
representing cherished garments.

In addition to the weekly cleaning you should the room
and therefore ventilate the bedding daily. It also helps
Always keep garments in the closet instead of them
Pile up chairs or chests of drawers.

In addition, experts recommend the mattress at least
to vacuum once a month. This interval is also suitable to the
Change bed linen.

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Tips for the bathroom

Toilet and bathroom are considered the most expensive rooms when cleaning. Although they usually not so much in terms of surface area
fall, here is the most to do.

Basically, you always in the bathroom with
Plenty of water should work to prevent an unwanted transport of germs
prevent. This also applies to the soil, which is best generous and wet

For reasons of hygiene, at least two are usually used
used different cloths: one for the toilet, one for the other
Fittings. Many house men and women use different colors to them
to be able to distinguish. Particularly gentle are microfiber cloths, which are in
Unlike some harder sponges no scratches on metal surfaces

By the way: Most bad smells come in one
Toilet under the pool edge. It may therefore be useful to do this area
To clean particularly intensively with the help of a toilet or toothbrush.

Tips for the kitchen

The kitchen is a focal point of many homes and apartments: here the family meets to cook and to cook together
eat. No wonder then that there is a lot of dirt here: especially
with regard to the work areas, e.g. the sink, the stove and the oven.

Basically, it makes sense after each cooking action the
Clean work surfaces. Here, all-purpose cleaners usually prove very
good services. Regularly dried fixtures and freshly cleaned
Hotplates also contribute to a beautiful view. For stubborn
Lime stains can help with the use of vinegar cleaners.

In addition to the weekly cleaning actions should be some parts
the kitchen can be cleaned at longer intervals. This includes, for example
the oven, the extractor fan and the fridge.

Tips for the living room

The living room should be a feel-good place. Since a lot of things accumulate on the table and sofa after only a few days, it is in front of the
cleaning up often often first of all cleaning up on the program: nothing more
needed newspapers and documents are best transported directly into the trash,
Cups, glasses and other dishes in the kitchen.

Afterwards one follows the principle "from above to
below "to benefit. So it is first, dust and cobwebs from the ceiling, the
Ceiling lights and to remove from the corners - for example, with a
Vacuum cleaner, a duster or a broom.

Then you use a damp cloth to all
To wipe surfaces (for example, the TV, the sills, tables
and shelves). Then you can vacuum - first the sofas, chairs and armchairs,
then the floor. With wooden floors one should take care not to one
to use a hard vacuum cleaner attachment that could damage the surface.

Finally, it is advisable to ventilate the room well
- so the living room does not just look fresh after the cleaning campaign,
but it also smells good.

Tips for the nursery

Cleaning in the nursery plays a special role. Here are mixing cleaning activities and the educational tasks, the parents
After all, you want to educate your children to their room
to keep clean independently. So it depends a lot on the age of the child,
how the cleaning of the nursery should be handled.

Small children, you can not go to school yet
playfully lead to the topic "tidying and cleaning". Typically formulated
Parents first rule that children have all their toys
before they can start a new game
- a good first step for kids to learn in the future
to keep order independently. schoolchildren should be stopped by parents, you
Clean up and vacuum rooms regularly - at least once a week. teenager Finally, the complete responsibility for
take over her room. Parents should intervene, however, if chaotic
Conditions threaten.

It is also helpful in the nursery regularly
ausumisten: Especially with younger children you can quite once a month the
look through various boxes and shelves and no longer needed toys
sort out.

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