6 versatile wallcovering materials

As hip as simple white may be, those who want to make their four walls a little more individual and original have a lot of fun
Alternatives to choose from, both in terms of color and in terms of color
Material. We brought you six great materials today
Great as a wallcovering and your home in no time
Give character and personality.

fiber cement

Fiber cement boards are particularly suitable for outdoor use because they are durable, maintenance-free, weather-resistant, moisture-regulating and noise-absorbing. Anyone who chooses the composite material of cement, synthetic and organic fibers and water can also look forward to an expressive and versatile material. The typical structure gives the wall a distinctive character.


A wall cladding made of plastic is easy to clean, inexpensive and durable. The most common variants are vinyl or PVC, which can be used to create a wide variety of individual designs and looks. These materials come in every imaginable color and shape and even, as you can see in the photo, in trendy 3D look. Important: Because it is not a natural, breathing material, regular and targeted ventilation is essential to prevent mold growth.

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Wood on the wall is a real classic, which still - or again - enjoys great popularity, because natural materials are also very popular as a wall cladding. The advantages are obvious: Wood creates a warm, healthy and natural atmosphere, is cozy and friendly, breathable, sustainable and can be painted in a variety of colors.


Glass plays an important role in modern architecture. Even in the interior, it is increasingly used, because delimitations and room dividers are nowadays designed to be as light, airy and transparent as possible, without disturbing the open floor plan with fluidly merging functional areas. By walls or wall elements made of glass you can separate rooms from each other, but does not have to do without light or visual contact. Depending on your preference and area of ​​application, you can make the glass wall completely transparent or only translucent. Then there is sufficient privacy and it can still fall through enough light.


A tile cladding is the ideal solution for walls that are permanently exposed to moisture and steam. This material is most commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom. The times when tiles were boring and stuffy, are fortunately long gone. Today, they are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and patterns, so everyone is guaranteed to find a suitable design for their home and interior design style.

natural stone

Natural materials currently have their noses at the front of the interior design. More and more people are choosing wall cladding made of natural stone, which combines rustic charm with relaxed elegance. Stone has a friendly and calming effect, is versatile, durable and easy to care for and gives every room a very special ambience.

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