Modern bungalow with 87sqm

Nobody will doubt that our work and our hobbies influence our way of living. In this house, the desire of a family of musicians to settle in the untouched nature has led to a very special project. They wanted a house entirely made of wood, which should have the abstraction and at the same time the functionality of an instrument. We invite you today to look at what emerged from this desire. 

Living in the middle of nature

The approximately 87 square meter house was designed as a freestanding residential building. With its large windows and the large, free-floating terrace, the living area is connected to the surrounding nature. The garden is designed as a natural garden, so even more gives the impression that the single-storey house would be in the midst of unbridled, wild landscape. 

Stylish view at night

The feeling of being in harmony with nature does not disappear at night, when the moon rises above the wooden roof that overlooks the 47-square-meter terrace. The anthracite gray window frames fit harmoniously into the overall picture and fit perfectly with the wood formwork, which was constructed with silver-gray larch wood. The entire house was born from the desire to live in harmony with the environment. This is not only reflected in the design, but also in the choice of materials and in the energy efficiency that the architects have achieved. 

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The floor plan

The floor plan is square. A large living area that includes food and kitchen is extroverted and opens out to the outside. Two bedrooms and the bathroom are inside, a little more secluded, have been planned and allow more privacy here.

The lighting design

The living in this house is impressive not only in every season by the special connection with nature, but also at any time of day or night. In the dark, the spots embedded under the protruding wooden roof highlight the large wooden terrace and look like stars shining in the far night sky. 

The view outside

Once again this shows the connection with the landscape that the experts of Peter Ruge Architekten were able to realize in this project. Nothing prevents your eyes from wandering freely over the natural garden and the vastness of the Brandenburg nature. The warm wooden floor underlines this impression and inside there is no need for further decoration to feel comfortable here. 

How well wooden houses are suitable for family life, also shows this book of ideas. 

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