33 super chic garden ideas to imitate!

The garden is with the most beautiful at the house! In harmony with nature and fresh air, it can really relax there. Who has the luck to call a garden his own, of course wants to make it pretty. We have located 33 fantastic gardens with great imitation ideas for you. Large green areas, chic beds and a variety of trees and flowers - everything is there.

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2. Garden furniture as an eye-catcher

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3. Easy-care rock garden

4. Wood in the garden always cuts a fine figure

5. It may be quiet colorful and creative

6. Who says that a garden path always has to be straight and symmetrical?

7. Cactus garden for dry areas

8. Wooden deck, manicured lawn and a place to grill!

9. A garden is no problem even on a sloping plot

10. At each level you can plant something else!

11. Those who like it rustic, are well advised with a wild garden.

12. A covered place

13. Walls can be covered well with plants

14. Many small, colorful flowers conjure a beautiful country house style

15. Hydrangeas do a good job!

16. Only green plants can look great together.

17. Wood structures look chic and can give plants the necessary support.

18. The iron effect can be the same effect

19. Create privacy from wood or plants for more privacy

20. Young trees

21. Use large stones for the Mediterranean style

22. Attractive material mix

23. Chic rock garden with stairs

24. Simple but elegant

25. Powerful splashes of color for a certain something

26. Romantic sitting area under the tree

27. Free grass area

28. Regularly cut wild plants into shape!

29th pergola with curtains

30. Green in green

31. With conservatory

32. Chic decorative elements

33. Round walkway boards for a great effect

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