Light installations with an extraordinary design

Light can have a versatile effect on us: bright light, for example, can have an invigorating effect on our senses, while a warm and subtle light has a positive influence on our relaxation. In addition to the intensity, the color of the light can also vary. Colorful lighting is always an eye-catcher, but it is good to dose. Too many colorful lights can quickly become too exciting and overloaded. 

The right mix of surprised enthusiasm and relaxation is critical to successful light installations. Someone who is familiar with this is Jörn Hanitzsch, our expert of Chillout lighting design: He uses the versatile design and effect possibilities of light to create artistic light installations with a unique character. In an interview he told us how he makes the light sculptures and where he takes his inspirations.

Use of semi-finished products

As objects for his light installations, Jörn Hanitzsch mainly uses semi-finished products from the chemical industry. From the tubes, sheets and rods, the trained metal designer then makes unique sculptures, whose shape he also stages with light. 

In the picture we can see part of a tube filled with crystal nuggets. In combination with light, the transparent structure of the nuggets creates fascinating effects.


Another design highlight is the use of foamed aluminum. The porous structure of the material lends itself to being backlit with light. Together, it gives a gentle, indirect lighting. In addition, the designer object can also be used simply as a decoration in the living room.

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The exhibition

Many of the creations by Jörn Hanitzsch can be admired in Cottbus. There, the light artist runs a light gallery with more than 1,000 square meters of exhibition space. 

During a visit to the gallery, you can experience the diversity of light installations. Since the visual stimulus is the most intense, it can arouse a variety of emotions and reactions in us. Jörn Hanitzsch told us that his goal is to create an ambience in which imposing light creations in harmony with relaxing music contribute to our well-being. Hanitzsch likes to compare the effect of the light with the view of the sea: both of which have an extremely calming and relaxing effect on us. And that is why he is his company Chillout lighting design called. 

Mobile light sculpture park

Who likes the sculptures and light installations of Chillout lighting design has found, this can also be purchased or rent. In his mobile light sculpture park Hanitzsch offers a great variety - from figures from the fairy tale forest to lead crystal stars to LED chandeliers and pillars of light. 

Various offices and hotels already decorated their rooms with the designer objects. The light objects manufactured by Jörn Hanitzsch also have the advantage that they are also suitable for healthcare facilities, as they are particularly easy to clean.

light sculptures

In Berlin, for example, we were recently able to install the light installations of Chillout lighting design in the original admire. As part of the light campaigns to mark the anniversary of the fall of the Wall, Hanitzsch erected six large steel steles in the Hessian state representation, which of course were artfully set in scene with light.

Festival of Lights

Another highlight in the Sculpture Park are undoubtedly the penguins. They were originally designed for the Festival of Lights 2011 and presented on an 8 x 8 meter area. Why penguins? "Behind this is a social thought that I find impressive with the penguins. In a colony, penguins who stand on the edge of a circle are alternately brought to the center, to make it windless and warm for a short time ', says Jörn Hanitzsch.

The Olympic lamp

By the way, Hanitzsch got the idea for the light sculptures in 2003. Inspired by the invitation to the Olympics in Germany, he made a wooden lamp that represents the Olympic flame in a goblet. He called the model mimosa, because the light could be dimmed by touch. The highlight for Jörn Hanitzsch back then was that he was even able to present his creation to the application committee for the Olympics.

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