15 practical kitchen ideas that you want to have right away!

Storage space is in demand in every kitchen, no matter what style it has and whether it's big or small. We'll show you 15 examples today that will give you more space in the kitchen. 

2. A kitchen tesery

A kitchen utensil is the perfect link between two functional areas. Especially in small apartments, it is worthwhile, for example, to combine kitchen and living room, as happened here. This wooden bench is both kitchen utensils and dining table and creates a smooth transition between the two living areas. 

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3. Shelves above the window

With kitchens that have a window, the space on this wall often remains unused. That does not have to be, as our example shows. Here, a long board was placed over the kitchen window, on which cookbooks, spices and food are stored in chic glasses - practical and beautiful at the same time!

4. Creative kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets do not necessarily have to have a standard shape. How about a kitchen cabinet with a completely different, interesting design? This cabinet here is the best example that even round cabinets in the kitchen create storage space and visually provide variety. 

5. Surprising storage space

Many fitted kitchens sometimes have small gaps. With such elements but can be cleverly create storage space and even the last corner is still used. 

6. A Barecke

A large kitchen table is great, but also takes up a lot of space. A long kitchen teaser is where there is no kitchen table space, due to lack of space, not always a solution. In such a case, fresh ideas are needed. In practice, for example, a small rectangle may be in L-shape, as in this example. It occupies less space, creates seats and can also be used as a work surface. What a practical idea!

7. A decorative wall shelf

In the kitchen not only functionality is required, but also a visually appealing design. How beautiful both can be combined, shows this shelf. It is a real eye-catcher in itself and can also be filled with decorative objects or with spices and the like. 

8. Wall sticker for a happy design

Especially with small kitchens the design is sometimes too short. However, kitchens can also be effortlessly decorated simply and inexpensively with chic wall stickers. 

9. Hidden behind covers

Small, stylish kitchens are often thought to offer less space. This model is the best example of how this does not have to be. Here the kitchen fronts were installed from floor to ceiling. When the doors are opened, a full kitchen with a sink, cooking surface and all that goes with it hides behind. The perfect solution for one-room apartments and small apartments!

10. A small pantry

In the past, a pantry was part of the kitchen. Unfortunately, these times are a thing of the past. How to get a small pantry, shows this kitchen. Behind two doors, which are equipped with shelves on the inside, there is enough storage space to store dry food, bottles and glasses. A miniature pantry with many options!

11. Extra elements

This kitchen is small at first glance and the Thresen narrow and narrow. But underneath the counter, a pull-out board has been installed that suddenly turns the narrow space into a wide, comfortable seating area. 

12. Dish shelf instead of kitchen cupboard

A great way to store dishes and a space-saving alternative to high kitchen cabinets, whose top fan is not enough anyway, is such a harness shelf. It gives the kitchen an open design and sets the beautiful dishes in scene - a must for all those who have a penchant for beautiful kitchen ware!

13. Stay flexible

If you move more often, you will love this kitchen. Instead of fixed cupboards everything is stowed away in a flexible shelf. It offers plenty of space and even integrates the electronic kitchen appliances. 

14. An island library

The lower part of this kitchen island is equipped with a cupboard. One side remains open and is staged as a shelf - the perfect place to house a small mini-library. 

15. Against the wall

This example shows that even long, narrow kitchens can be used perfectly. A wall was provided with a wide board and so, equipped with bar stools, turned into a bar that can be seen. 

Even more practical tips for the kitchen are provided by our kitchen designers. 

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