8 practical ideas that work in every kitchen

From functional workspace to modern living space: our kitchens have undergone a transformation over the past few years, affecting today's
Designs and offers reflected in the market. We not only prepare in our kitchens
our food and drinks too. We're drinking here with the girlfriend
Have a coffee, plan upcoming vacations and parties, our kids romp around or
we have a quick breakfast. But as chic as a kitchen wants to be,
she must also have practical features. Otherwise, the joy of a cool
Design of short duration. 8 practical ideas that really every kitchen
needs, we have put together for you today.

1. Mini shelves for countertops

Is this little green spice rack not magical and practical at the same time? How often do we have the problem during cooking?
We want to quickly grab salt, pepper or another popular spice.
But that is again at the very other corner of the room. This shelf,
which can be easily attached anywhere on the worktable
leaves, helps.

2. Drawers

Knife, spoon, fork: There is much more than what we want and need to place in drawers. In addition to the classic
Drawers for cutlery, store kitchen accessories, food
and often a collection of all kinds of things that we do not know anywhere else to put in the drawers.
What we often do not think: Drawers may also have a nice interior
have and can be quite organized. We store cutlery in classic
Cutlery boxes that prevent the actual drawer from being scratched. And
There are also many beautiful baskets, plastic boxes or other things on the market
Wooden slipcase made especially for drawers.

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3. hanging shelves

What can not hang everything? Poles and small shelves are a decorative option in kitchens that do not have wall units.
to stow hanging hardware. Because they are very often too
stylish to hide in drawers. We create one with the rods
Atmosphere that is reminiscent of Grandma's kitchen, but still comes in very chic designs. They are quick at hand anyway.

4. folding doors

Who does not know this: During cooking or baking, we often have only one hand free to quickly find one or the other kitchen cupboard
to open. But once it's open, it's not insignificant
Danger. Other families can quickly bump their heads or
run against it. Folding doors minimize this risk and see both in the open and
also closed state good.

5. Shelves instead of wall units

For some kitchens simply do not fit wall cabinets. Or maybe they do not suit your taste. Then there are open shelves
a nice alternative, so as not to give away the storage space. And somehow
The look has a little more of a living space than a classic
Kitchen, right?

6. Tablecloth

Why does it always have to be white plaster in the kitchen? In this example, we see how the wall is made with blackboard
leaves a breathtakingly homely look. Here you can
Keep messages for the family, notes for the next purchase or
a simply a nice greeting to all, with which one starts well in the day.

7. Practically use window sills

Window sills in the kitchen we often see only from a decorative aspect. They can do a lot more: herbs can be used on them
breed, stow utensils or store cookbooks. That does not just look nice
but is also very practical.

8. Double-sided shelf walls

This open shelf is not only a space divider a wonderful idea, but also very practical. Due to the open design
the shelf can be used from both sides. Here can dishes and
Cutlery, which you always need at the dining table, just as stowed as
Books or boxes and baskets as well as beautiful indoor plants. A beautiful idea that visually separates the dining room, kitchen and living space but still pursues an open concept.

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