Christmas decoration 2014 – simple, natural, homemade

You want to decorate your apartment for Christmas, but in the light of colorful blinking lights, glittering tinsel threads,
chubby angels and cheesy balls are the hair on your neck
on? No problem, because this year there are more than enough modern alternatives
for those who prefer to reduce it at Christmas time, of course
like puristically. We looked at our experts and gave you some cool ones
Examples of a modern, simple and minimalistic Christmas decoration

winter branches

Anyone who loves natural Christmas decorations can not avoid fir branches, cones and Co. Particularly popular are Ilex branches, which bring color into our four walls with their red berries and are originally Christmas and winter-like. With a few chic branches in a rustic vase you have created in a jiffy a natural and simple Christmas decoration, the moody, but not cheesy or overloaded.

Minimalist nativity play

A crib is a must in many traditional households for Christmas decorations. Our expert Émilie Voirin has taken on a very modern version of this classic, because she wanted to preserve the basic idea of ​​the Christian tradition, but interpret it so that it fits perfectly into the 21st century and modern apartments. The MINIMAL NATIVITY SET consists of individual wooden blocks printed with the names of the main characters of the biblical nativity scene and can be individually set up at home.

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wood tree

You do not think much of lavishly decorated Nordmann firs and needling Christmas trees in the living room, but do not want to miss a festive tree altogether? Our experts from Farrow & ball imagine how it can work and make a modern and beautifully reduced Christmas tree out of used wood and a simple fairy lights. These and many more exciting Christmas tree alternatives can be found in our Ideabook Christmas trees with a difference: cool alternatives to fir.

Puristic tree

We stick to the theme tree and show you another, purist version, which should please all those who can not do anything with trinkets and pomp and traditional Christmas decoration terrible like: The tree by the Italian designer Giò Belviso enchanted with its bare, white branches and the simple light bulbs that illuminate the room. The whole thing looks winterly and stylish and gets by without the usual Christmas stuff.

Natural DIY

You want to be creative yourself and make your Christmas decorations with your own hands? The fact that the Christmas decoration trend in 2014 clearly goes to Do It Yourself is something that our experts from LA DECORACION DE MIS MESAS recognized and therefore you put together some exciting DIY instructions. With them you will learn how you can easily make an individual and natural decoration, for example, from nuts, green branches, cords and a few chic bows.

Hearts and pine cones

The decoration experts of UnSoloUso show you how to conjure up a natural, simple yet festive Christmas decoration from a few pine cones, a little ribbon, a small bow and two red felt hearts.

You need more inspiration on the subject? Then take a look at our Ideabook Modern christmas decoration.

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