DIY: Make three-dimensional animal sculptures yourself

Whenever we have assembled or made something ourselves, we are always very proud of it. We are all the more delighted about creative and unusual DIY projects, in which we prove our craftsmanship and at the same time beautify our home or give friends. 

Wolfram Kampffmeyer has also made it his mission to make others happy with his DIY idea. The trained computer animator designs under the name Paper Wolf  Templates or puzzle pieces for animal sculptures. These can then be easily assembled at home with detailed instructions. Who can hardly wait to put his own little penguin on the table or to place the head of an elephant on the wall, now learns from us what he is Paper Wolf expected.

It all started with a little pig ...

In 2010, Kampffmeyer decided for the first time to make a piggy required for a cartoon in three-dimensional form to facilitate the recording work. Then he presented the pig to his circle of friends and got all sorts of positive feedback and the desire to be able to replicate himself, was getting louder. And so the idea increased Paper Wolf their course. 

The pink animal was joined by a penguin and a frog whose individual puzzle pieces were sent in PDF format and then assembled by themselves. The interest in the paper sculptures grew enormously and in 2012 Kampffmeyer finally designed his Big 5: Rhino, elephant, cheetah, buffalo and lion that can be hung on the wall like trophies.

Animal figures with character

His inspirations win the designer of Paper Wolf directly from nature. During zoo visits, he is fascinated by the behavior of the aardvark or the movements of the meerkats. Since he specializes in the perception and implementation of movements through his work as a computer animator, it is easy for him to reflect these in his three-dimensional figures. Although nature reproduces nature in a reduced, geometric design, each of his figures has a certain dynamism that makes them irresistible charms.

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Do I have to cut the puzzle pieces myself?

When Kampffmeyer began to offer his creations as DIY, he sent out his templates as PDF, which could be printed out. The individual parts had to be cut out in this variant itself. In the first three animals - penguin, frog and pig - this variant is still offered. Alternatively, you can also order the already prefabricated individual puzzle pieces. For this, the parts are separated in advance by cutting plotter and then shipped.

An exception are the postcards, which are printed with the individual animal puzzle pieces. They are ideal as a greeting to friends in the distance or as a small gift in between. And of course, this template can be transformed with a little skill and sensitivity into a mini-piggy.

Crafting for everyone?

Assembling the paper sculptures is a good workout for our sensitivity and patience. Sometimes tinkering can take several hours, because the more filigree the sculptures are, the more elaborate is the crafting process. For example, until the meerkat takes on its final shape, you should plan in about three to four hours.

For toddlers, this type of DIY is therefore rather not suitable, but from the young age is increasingly pleasing to be found to make his own small paper zoo.

Help with crafts

Anyone who does this job for a leisurely Sunday afternoon and then desperately realizes that he has glued something wrong or simply lost track of it, can benefit from the designer's personal customer service. Because Wolfram Kampffmeyer is available to his customers via e-mail with help and advice. A puzzle piece has become unusable or the guide is not enough for you in the jungle of crafting? Then you can order additional paper parts and even get a detailed, related to your problem, instructions for the optimal crafting success.

Can I also get an animal figure without having to make my own?

You like the geometric design of the characters, but you have little hope that you can handle it so well with two left hands? In fact, all paper cultures are from Paper Wolf only for DIY - but the wooden figures are an exception! The leopard head, which we can hang like a trophy on the wall, is made of wood and therefore delivered ready for installation. In collaboration with a South Tyrol carpentry, the wild animal heads made of solid wood such as black walnut, cherry or beech are hand sanded and painted. 

As an additional highlight, the sculpture can also be gilded with 23.75 carat gold leaf, as can be seen in the picture. The head is about 26 cm high and weighs 3.5 kg. On the back of the trophy is a sturdy metal insert that allows us to hang the leopard head on a nail or screw.

The agony of choice

A unicorn is not white for you but rather light pink? Then you can also make a pink unicorn! Because the designer of Paper Wolf make different colors available for the paper sculptures. Now it is literally in your hands whether a black or even a red elephant will soon be hanging on your wall as a work of art.

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