Charter yacht & quot; Prussian eagle & quot;

For the hobby captains among you: The Prussian eagle is a classic sail saver and can accommodate a crew of up to 12 people. Interior designer and graduate designer Carla Erck has adopted the long-keel steel, whose hull was built in 1986 and has since been continuously developed and maintained. The result is a splendor of ship - inside and outside!

King of the seas

The two-master is the king in the ring, the highlight in the harbor! Everywhere, where the Eagle enters, the eyes are only on him. Who could be surprised?

Form follows function

Good planning is everything! So that no single corner is lost under the deck, interior designer Carla Erck always adapts the design to the individual needs of their customers.

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A trip on the high seas connects. It is all the more important to have a common room that connects. On this board you can exchange wonderful about sailor anecdotes!

Water Plane

How comfortable a cabin can be, you only realize when you spend a night on such a beautiful sailing ship as the Prussian eagle spent. After that you only want to fly over the waters with him!

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