Set up and decorate minimalist: that’s what counts!

Sometimes everything is just too much. Even in your own home. The vitrine, filled with vases and pictures, disturbs the chair for storing the laundry in the bedroom, not to mention the visible ironing board, which is actually too bright orange on the wall in the hallway and the colorfully patterned carpet ... With the minimalist Furnishing style can not happen! This follows a very clear credo and is based on the conscious omission of things. But that alone is not enough. What is important in terms of minimalist setup and how the style can be implemented, we bring to you in this book of ideas. 

The basic idea of ​​the minimalist interior design style

Less is more is not just a mere phrase, but one of the principles of minimalist interior design, which comes from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It's about reducing things and focusing on the thing itself. But that's easier said than done, for example, if you often fail at the mucking out of the closet, it's hard to separate things once you've got them , It is not without reason that one speaks of the Art of omission. On the other hand, as you can see on the example picture, a minimalist kitchen is not only manageable, but also leaves room for more creativity. 

Function and design do not exclude each other in minimalism - on the contrary, they condition each other. Translated, it means: user-friendly yet modest. Accordingly, technology is packaged in a simple, simple and not least beautiful form. Thus, the aesthetics of products in the foreground, in which one should also enjoy. It does not always have to be more and more - no! The more complex the world becomes, the greater the yearning for the simple becomes. Minimalism satisfies exactly this desire. 

quality not quantity

Just leave it out and you're talking about puristic living - it's not that easy. Less is more In practice, of course, to renounce everything superfluous and to limit oneself to the essentials. However, that does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. Dieter Rams has reworded it in the 1960s and dated less but better spoken. Instead of quantity, quality is what is reflected in the entire ambience. This minimalist living room makes it perfect, the generous space was manageable and equipped with the essentials, whereby on materials and thus quality much value was placed. Eye-catchers are the Barcelona armchairs by Mies van der Rohe, which are real classics among designer furniture. 

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Clean lines, simple shapes, simple colors

A chair in an empty room and a picture on the wall - that's not all. Rather, reduced set-up is about the interplay of material, design and function. Clean lines, simple, geometric shapes and high-quality, elegant materials such as glass, natural stone, steel and chrome characterize the overall picture. This is accompanied by white as a color that underlines its simplicity and elegance. But also gray and black can be found on the color palette and are reflected in the furniture as well as in the design of the walls. 

Living puristically without renouncing cosiness

White as a wall paint enhances the effect that furniture and textiles in black or gray get the necessary effect space and come to the fore. Especially white and black contrasts each other and creates a timeless, elegant and classic-looking look - not insignificant for purist living. However, comfort is not waived. The minimalist furnishing style knows how to be comfortable and comfortable. Decorations and home accessories, for example, in the form of pictures and vases, can now be used - but only as an accent. 

Minimalist furnishings: in the bathroom

This minmalitic bathroom skilfully shows the balancing act between a puristic design and high-quality materials and only a few, selected, decorative accessories. Smooth surfaces as well as simple shapes and clear lines are equally eye-catching. But where only with all the things, you ask yourself? Cabinets and built-in cupboards provide storage space, but should adapt to the style of furnishing. Open shelves are also allowed, but are only sparingly equipped.

Timelessly modern

Light is also part of minimalism as a modern interior design style. Generously designed window openings not only allow plenty of daylight, but also create brightness - another design principle that underlines the openness and spaciousness desired with minimalism. The minimalist furnishing of the bedroom is the easiest way to implement the style, since the bed is the essence of the room. In addition, the purpose of the reduced equipment is exactly what it should be - a room to sleep in. It does not get any better, style awareness included! 

Learn more about the deliberately reduced style of interior design in our style guide to minimalism! 

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