10 disguise ideas for the bathroom

A disguise for the bathroom is always a good choice and can be realized with almost any budget. It is also a very effective method
to equip the walls with a water protection while at the same time
just looks fantastic. Due to the great diversity of styles and
However, materials that are available to choose from can often be difficult to find
to find the right disguise.

In the past, bathroom wall paneling was primarily known for ideas
Plastic, but over time, a lot has happened, so the
various materials are available. It is not a disguise
expensive and very easy to install and maintain. Open the options
us a complete world of design ideas, so it does not matter which
Look like you want to reach the bathroom - a beautiful facade can do this
realize. Take a look at these 10 panels for your bathroom!

1. A design made of wood

We love the modern appeal of this bathroom. Here we see above all the effect of special wood paneling ideas that extend from the shower to under the sink, the wall paneling not to forget. The whole room is given a uniform look that mixes with a slate gray that makes it look contemporary. This panel also has a wonderful texture that just looks amazing. Because some parts of the walls stick out, creating a unique look rather than just a smooth surface.

2. Badpanele ideas of stone

The possible wall coverings have developed incredibly fast in recent years. As we can see in this picture, it can create fabulous spaces that we would wish for. Here it is a stone cladding that convinces with a very restrained and natural look. The bathroom acts as if it had been specially adapted to the stone wall. The bright color of the wall is a perfect partner for the dark wood on the vanity. Both together form a harmonious connection that emphasizes the special of each other.

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3. Modern and natural

With a fairing we can achieve almost every look we desire. If, for example, we want unique wood paneling ideas without using real wood, that is also possible. In this picture, we see exactly this variant. The beautiful paneling covers the entire bathroom, from the floor to the vanity to the walls. The cladding is obviously not real wood, but it has the same structure that ensures it has the same warming effect as the original. The only difference is that this material is completely waterproof, easy to clean and easy to integrate.

4. A bath as beautiful as the ocean

Looking for more wood paneling ideas? In this example, we see that a minimalist living room with a real wood wall paneling looks amazing. Adding the motifs of Jo Downs adds a touch of color to the wall. These glass fish are custom made and can be placed on any wall. In this case, it even highlights the beauty of the white wooden wall. The blue of the fish and the bathtub in the same tone create a truly unique look together with the wooden wall cladding.

5. The Swedish style

If you're unsure which style is right for you, you'll never go wrong with a Swedish design. Here we can see that the room resembles a small sauna. As a result, it is not a classic bathroom and the cladding underlines this extraordinary look perfectly. The fact that the windows are set very low, this wall cladding made of wood is just the right choice. It was laid vertically instead of horizontally, which makes the room look higher than it actually is.

6. A beach hut

Is it really a beach hut? It definitely looks like this and this effect creates the fabulous disguise. The wood of the walls has been made lighter, but you can still see the natural coloring. On the opposite wall, on the other hand, a bright blue was used, giving the room the look of a beach hut rather than a classic bath. Here we see that a wall covering can really change the look of a whole room completely.

7. Contemporary and pure

Much more modern than this bathroom is not. The clean lines of the design create a highly harmonious appearance. At first glance you can see that each area of ​​the room follows a well thought-out concept - from the type of lighting on the mirrors to the interior next to the wall cladding. The dark brown of the walls offers a magnificent contrast to the purist white, and visually interrupts the room. It also creates the unique feel of real wood, which makes the room look eerily natural.

8. Modern mosaics

Already our last examples have shown how wonderful a wall cladding can look. With this example we want to show you how bathroom cladding ideas can have the look of tiles. The use of modern technologies such as the tiling of mosaic stones is quite possible. In addition, the design is a highlight for the whole bathroom and helps to add a touch of color. The mosaic tiles look really real and this is an essential factor that makes them special.

9. The marble effect

Marble is a very expensive material, which can be integrated into almost any room. We just love that look that always looks luxurious and stylish. A panel can produce this look without the high cost. In this bathroom we can see that the cladding was used for the walls, the floor and even the bathtub. The darker shades of gray within the pattern make the look of this bathroom so special and make it look elegant.

10. pattern

When it comes to wall cladding, the surface can be very smooth. But sometimes we want a bit more texture to create a strong visual effect. Here we can see that these tiles do just that. The wall paneling surrounds the entire bathroom, which offers a wonderful view of the garden, and helps to make the bathroom livelier. It may not be as colorful as other mosaic tiles, but the color scheme fits in perfectly with this bathroom. For even more bathroom ideas, check out this Ideabook: 20 Magic Baths to See!

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