8 cool pools for every garden and every budget

The dream of having your own pool - who does not dream of it? If you have decided to make it a reality, you are
right here because we have a colorful bouquet of pool inspiration for
put together - from luxurious infinity variants to small,
cheaper alternatives that really translate into any garden
to let. Have fun!

1. Wood Pool

If you do not want to spend your fortune bathing in your own garden and still look forward to a chic, long-lasting and refreshing swimming pool, then you are in the right place with such a wooden variant. The pool of high-quality pine wood is delivered as a finished set and can be easily assembled by yourself.

2. With overflow effect

It continues with a real dream pool with overflow effect. Such infinity pools, which seem to merge with the environment, are currently the hottest trend when it comes to luxurious swimming pools. The feeling of gazing out over the sea, the mountains or the rooftops of the city from the invisible edge of the pool is indescribable - and a real hit for your own garden.

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3. Covered

In this country, garden owners often decide against a swimming pool, because the German weather far too often does not play and the expensive swimming pleasure limited to a few days a year. Our tip: With the right canopy you extend the bathing season and can use your pool in any weather conditions.

4. Of course,

Another pool trend that is taking more and more gardens and hearts by storm are natural pools that completely dispense with chlorine and other chemicals and instead rely on a natural ambience and a purely biological water purification. Such a pool consists of a bathing and a treatment zone. In the latter plants contribute with their nutrient uptake via the root and the release of oxygen to purify the water. The result: crystal-clear water year-round - all without chemicals.

5. With countercurrent system

Not everyone has space on his property for a spacious pool in which you can do sports and sometimes even actively pull a few lanes. The solution is swimming channels and small pools in which a countercurrent system is installed. So there are no limits to the great swimming pleasure even in the smallest space.

6. whirlpool

Well suited for small gardens or terraces are hot tubs as an alternative to the swimming pool. They take up little space, are set up in no time, and offer plenty of luxury and spa feeling for those who just want to relax in the water.

7. mobile

This mobile pool also scores points with its unbeatable advantages: It can be set up in no time at all, fits into every budget and every garden, and can be flexibly set up and dismantled at will. The dream of having your own pool can be realized so simply and uncomplicated!

8. plunge pool

We close this Ideabook with another pool idea for those who have limited space and unlimited budget. Such a plunge pool is neither expensive to buy nor to maintain, can also be implemented on the smallest plot and, thanks to state-of-the-art technology, can be used all year round. What more do you want?!

At our homify-Pooleperten you will find even more great suggestions on the subject.

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