Ran to the stove: 10 new kitchen trends for 2018

Remember the past years, the kitchen industry is actually in constant motion and development. And for a good reason. While kitchens used to be purely functional spaces, today they are lifestyle venues that do much more than cooking or eating. In many cases, they have already been drawn into the open living worlds with living and dining areas. And the materials and design of the kitchens is constantly changing. For example, urban and industrial looks are more and more on the rise. We show you in this article, 11 furnishing trends that you can expect in 2018.

1. Home furniture in the kitchen

The topic "living in the kitchen" will not let go in the coming year. The increasingly open and interconnected living areas come with no visual barriers and therefore make the condition that kitchen furniture fit into the aesthetics of classic living room furniture. The kitchen becomes an integral part of the living room, where boundaries flow smoothly into one another. This is evident in stylish kitchen furniture and new color worlds. And fortunately, the designs are now so diverse that any desired style can be realized in the kitchen.

2. Do not hide kitchen variety anymore

Kitchens are always places that we should consciously and with all senses perceive. The sense of smell is as much a part of it as the visuality. In 2018, many kitchen designs will be aimed at culinary markets and bistros of international capitals, where the variety of spices and food is deliberately displayed and hidden behind closed doors. We can recreate that at home through open shelves displaying our favorite spices and ingredients in pretty tins, bottles or ceramics.

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3. Kitchen Furniture Trend: Decorative Tiles

On the walls of the new trend kitchens we discover more and more individual and decorative
Tiled backsplash. Because with the uniformity is meant to be the end and your own personality
also reflected in the kitchen design.

4. Bright surfaces

If we look around at the different designers, we all realize that many kitchens will have an industrial look in 2018. The main players here are concrete or exposed concrete, wood and precious metals - often in combination with each other. However, buyers are still not completely behind this trend. White kitchens are still popular with customers. We can understand that, too. Because the bright kitchens convey a freshness and lightness that creates a wonderful feel-good ambience. We are curious to see where the journey is going. 

5. Neutral colors

Again, we show a more neutral kitchen, which comes with a front that looks delicate and light. But even here you have the industrial look included, if not in the context of the actual kitchen. The tile mirror is actually a white painted brick wall, giving the room an urban character.

6. Industrial ambience

Let's take a look in this kitchen, which adorns itself with lots of stainless steel. The kitchens in 2018 will increasingly have this strong industrial atmosphere that looks authentic and urban. The fact that one no longer places value on closed fronts, we see on the suspensions to the right side and the open shelves in front of the wall in canary yellow. Despite the industrial atmosphere, there is a trend towards sustainability: it is not without reason that a wooden floor was realized in this kitchen. 

7. Sustainability

Even kitchen planners and manufacturers are more and more aware of the idea of ​​sustainability, which they also want to think about in kitchens. Many kitchens are now made of wood that comes from sustainable forestry. So one tries here too, to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. What standards your desired kitchen meets, you ask the best of the manufacturer. And with custom made kitchens, you are the ones who can agree with the artisan on the material. 

8. Kitchen counters and other seating

A trend that will continue in 2018 is kitchen islands or bars that have room for one
small kitchen counter offer. Because achieved comes in the combination of kitchen and
Wohnwelt already almost a perfect solution. Whether it is now an advanced
Countertop acts, a kitchen island with preferred surface or one
own table, is in the end a matter of personal taste. And also the
Bar stools can be found in every conceivable design, material and color

9. Lighting

In 2018 a lot of value will be placed on the correct lighting of the kitchen. And that is just as diverse as in other living areas. Hanging lamps like the one in the picture serve to illuminate kitchen islands, counters or dining tables well and to support a suitable ambience. Spots replace the classic ceiling spotlights and also in showcases or shelves there are integrated lighting concepts. 

10. Smart Kitchen

We have experienced it this year, but from 2018 we are experiencing a major trend towards home appliances and hi-tech furniture for a connected kitchen. These can be intelligent kitchen cabinets, countertops for charging smartphones or lighting concepts that can be controlled from the smartphone.

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