6 special beds

The bed is the absolute center of the bedroom and vital to our health and well-being. But one
Not only does bed need to be comfortable, hygienic and good for your back, muscles and joints
be, it may also like to look really stylish and also a few cool
Have highlights. The six beds we brought you today
All have that certain something and become a real eye-catcher in
your bedroom.


The Bay Bed out of the house Grand Luxe by Superba not only captivates with its extraordinary color, but also with its delicately curved headboard that conveys intimacy and security. The classic elegant upholstered bed with its light, concise and timeless design is an eye-catcher in every bedroom and was awarded the coveted Interior Innovation Award in 2014.

Rotatable with integrated sound system

Something else!, our experts thought of the carpenter Haas, as they developed this bed. The result: an extraordinary place to sleep with numerous highlights. On the one hand, the bed can be rotated 360 °. So you can, if you like, follow the course of the sun and control the whole thing via app. Integrated into the backrests is also a sound system for musical hours and an atmospheric LED lighting. Due to the footprint of only one meter in diameter, the bed acts as if it were floating.

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water bed

For many people, a waterbed is the perfect bed for a peaceful and healthy sleep. Often there are these beds free standing without frames, but who would rather have a classic bed frame around his waterbed is at the SuMa Wasserbetten GmbH at the right address. How about, for example, with this elegant classic in leather look?


The scorg Bed from the product factory has been simplified down to its basic elements and works without a bed frame and without a complex basic construction. It only consists of four feet and a slatted frame. Its special shape gets it through the stretch fabric.


Boxspring beds are one of the hottest trends in German bedrooms. Our experts from the Furniture Trend GmbH have a wide range of popular comfort beds in many different colors, shapes and designs, so everyone is sure to find the perfect box spring bed for themselves.


Reduced purism is more fashionable than ever. Accordingly minimalist presents itself BMS Bed of Koio, which is available in various solid wood types and colors and also has cool sliding elements whose color and material can also be chosen at will.

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