Practical and beautiful: 8 brilliant ideas for your kitchen

Whether as a shelf for ingredients and kitchen appliances, as a work surface or to enjoy a small snack: One
functional kitchen counter is simply indispensable. It should not only be practical
but also convince by an appealing design. The
This is possible, show these designs and ideas that we have for you
have put together. Have fun discovering and copying!

More storage space

Countless pots, pans and other appliances have to be stored in each kitchen. Practical for this are pull-out drawers under the kitchen counter. So it takes only a hand to find the right pot while cooking.

The perfect storage system

Instead of running back and forth in the kitchen for every plate and spoon, we want clever solutions that save time and make it easier to work in the kitchen. Perfect is a storage system in the kitchen counter, as in our example, with which you can stow plates, spoons and even cutting boards and they always has at hand.

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Practical and decorative accessories

There are a variety of kitchen accessories that are not only practical, but also beautify your kitchen counter. We are thrilled with the small bottle holder, in which the favorite wine can be stored decoratively. Also a beautiful fruit bowl or a high quality knife block enrich every kitchen.

Perfectly organized

As we see in this example, almost everything can be perfectly organized under the kitchen counter. An intelligent system of large and small drawers under the counter and an additional shelf above it provides a permanent place for dishes, ingredients and kitchen appliances.

Inserts for the drawer

Who does not know this: You have a large drawer, in which countless utensils hide. But in the end you will not find anything anymore. The perfect solution is simple inserts that can be used to organize spices, sauces and many other things.

Create more space

We have already seen that under the kitchen counter wonderful drawers can be integrated. But why not install a decorative shelf? Here you can store cookbooks, magazines and small accessories, which are at the same time a beautiful decoration for the entire kitchen.

The secret desktop

You have no room for a large kitchen counter, but urgently needs an additional work surface? Especially for small kitchens, there are innovative solutions, such as this pull-out board. You can use it as a filing or working surface and then easily let it disappear again in the kitchen counter.

A functional kitchen equipment

Even if you have to spend a little more money, it pays to invest in kitchen equipment that makes your daily work easier. How about a portable faucet that can easily be pulled in all directions, making it easier for you to put water in large pots or clean the sink.

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