9 creative ideas for small kitchens

When planning and decorating a small kitchen, it pays to plan the design and functionality well from the start. Introducing nine innovative and creative designs that make the most of the space in small kitchens and are not only functional but also extremely stylish. These examples can be integrated into almost any kitchen and inspire them to find new, practical solutions. 

1. Extendable worktops

Extendable worktops are the perfect way to extend the worktop. Whenever space is required for cutting and preparing food, the worktop can be easily pulled out and extended. This not only provides more work space in the kitchen, but also more floor space on the actual worktop. 

2. Neon in the trend!

Bright, bright colors immediately make a small room look bigger. Neon is not only radiant and colorful, but also brings momentum to the morning coffee. Together with the appropriate lighting, this wall paint turns a small, dark kitchen into a bright, bright room. 

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3. Where to go with the kitchen appliances?

Kitchen appliances take up a lot of space not only in the cupboards, but also on the worktop. If you have a compact kitchen, you should opt for well-selected, high-quality kitchen appliances instead of filling the room with kitchen appliances that will not be used. In addition, it is worth planing the work surface so that the kitchen appliances standing here do not take up too much space and are a real gain for the kitchen design. For optimal planning, kitchen planners will continue to help bring much experience and fresh ideas to the design of small kitchens. 

4. Tailored solutions from the carpenter

Many kitchen manufacturers offer sophisticated solutions for kitchens of all kinds. From practical drawers to waste separation solutions, everything is available on the market. Sometimes there is no suitable product for your own kitchen. Then carpenters can do wonders and offer customized solutions. 

5. Transparent shelves

Instead of dense, compact wall units, transparent shelves are a great idea to get light in small kitchens. They offer plenty of room for fancy dishes, exotic spices, coffee, tea and kitchen utensils that are too good to hide. 

6. A hidden table

If you do not have enough space for a table, such an extendable table is the perfect solution. If you do not need it, it just disappears into the kitchen furniture. The perfect complement is a pair of chic kitchen folding chairs that disappear in the closet or can be used as balcony chairs when needed. 

7. Freestanding shelves

Space problems? They can not be solved only with extendible and custom-made furniture. Even roles can offer individual solutions. Freestanding shelves that simply slide from one corner to the other offer plenty of storage space and even add a professional touch to the kitchen when they are made of stainless steel. 

8. The right lighting

The right lighting is crucial when it comes to giving a room a pleasant ambience. Spotlights embedded in wall units illuminate the room indirectly, while direct ceiling light provides the optimal lighting for cooking. A combination of indirect light accents and sufficiently bright, direct light ensures the optimum ambience in the kitchen. 

More tips on lighting kitchen and dining room shows our article on the subject. 

9. A multifunctional room

If you do not have space in the apartment, you can choose made-to-measure furniture to use every millimeter. For example, in a kitchen with a simple plate, you can even set up a workstation. And who does not want the coffee machine and the fridge for cold drinks within reach when working?

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