Original folding beds that you absolutely need

If you think of a bed, it is rare for a folding bed to come to mind. And when the word folding bed falls, one thinks first of all of a dusty and half-rickety frame. But that does not have to be that way. Especially with a small space folding beds are very convenient. Because of a sophisticated system, they can be folded up quickly - it is no coincidence that foldable beds are so - which simultaneously creates space for other, equally useful surfaces, such as a desk. The following examples show you that there are not only practical but also highly original and modern systems! 

Space saving for two

For two people living in a one-room apartment, folding beds are the optimal solution. For this, the variant of lamination, where it applies here to stow away two beds. But even the experts have succeeded skillfully. Between the closet and the bed box, the area was provided for a seating area where people can work, eat, and watch movies. And in a thoroughly modern ambience. 

In desktop style

Folding beds are especially useful in children's rooms, which are often rather small and often have to be shared in pairs. Two fixed beds would take up a lot of space and thus take away valuable playing surface. To counter this, bedding should be set to a thoughtful system, such as this one. While the left bed can disappear into the vertical, the bed can be folded horizontally to the right side. The trick: when the rack is folded in, the integrated desk is automatically raised to a height so that it only needs one chair to do its homework. 

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High out

High bed probably wants this bed and skillfully shows that this is possible. This construction has it easy in itself and convinces on all levels. While a cozy work area is created on the wall during the day, the bed can be pulled down to sleep. But beware! Previously, the desk top has to be cleaned up, not to say emptied, in order to be able to fold it onto the shelf. Now, by pressing the knob, the bed can be lowered until it closes with the gray box on our left and the shelf attachment to our right, which provide this the necessary resting surface. And then you can bed. The next morning, the bed can easily be moved back to the ceiling. This construction is not necessarily just for children or youth rooms. 


The term futon comes originally from the Japanese and is understood in the western countries as a combination of a low bed and an upright mattress, the actual futon. The characteristic feature of a futon is the lowering of the bed and the release of the edges, giving the impression of sleeping as close to the floor as possible. The clou: The futon can be folded in combination with a frame and folded to a couch. This one has a very original 2-in-1 folding bed. 

Skilfully laminated

A desk in gray, above it a shelf in gray with a rose-colored background, next to a wardrobe in gray and - yes, and the bed? Good question, where is the bed? Cleverly camouflaged by the uniform color design, the bed or rather the device for it is not obvious at first glance. But the supposed desk surface, which is also one, is at the same time the foot of the bed. As soon as you pull them in the direction of the floor, you see the previously perfectly laminated bed, which disappears into the wall shelf during the day. 

Double Lottchen

As for adults, as well as for children. According to this motto, these folding beds, but in a colorful and child-friendly design. It does not give the impression here, as if the room was small or as if there was not enough space for two stable beds. This proves once again that this system also works to provide a tidy and orderly image. 

Mini, mini

These horizontal folding beds are for truly small spaces, fulfilling the only function of sleeping here. The construction is made of wood and metal, which ensures a simple and minimalist design. 

Modern youth room

Again, the construction proves to be able to fold the bed in the horizontal, which ensures a very tidy youth room. The bed here also like to stay folded during the day. Sufficient space would be at least available. 

For boys

In boys, blue and gray are popular colors. All the better that these were combined in the design and ensure a modern concept. As you can see well, this room is cut rather small, which is why a folding bed over a sturdy bed proves to be the best alternative. It can be skilfully hidden by being stowed in the interior. Cool detail too: the comic book wallpaper. 

Double bunk bed of other kind

This folding system also convinces. The beds appear unfolded as a bunk bed, which provides especially for children enthusiasm. Also, comfort needs to be saved as little as a modern, youthful style. The only question left is who sleeps above and who sleeps below. 

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