Why a stone facade can be the best decision

Anyone owning a home can be lucky, because he knows he always has a retreat that he can call his own. However, over the years, when the construction of the home is already a bit behind, some would like a refreshing change to the house, which corresponds to the zeitgeist and the facade a modern look missed. So it's time for change.

The most obvious option is probably a paint in a fresh color scheme, which makes the house appear in a new light. But much has not changed, is this the modernization that one wishes for as owner? Why not dare something completely new, which changes the look of the house from the ground up and economically makes sense? The speech is - the headline has already revealed it - of stone facades! A house in this look not only looks timeless, it gives the building its own, rustic charm. But there is a lot to be aware of in a project of this size.

What should be changed at the house?

At the beginning of the planning phase, one naturally faces the question of how comprehensive the changes to the building should be - after all, the façade not only represents the house, but also its inhabitants. Simply beat the plaster from the outside wall and polish the whole thing at the end with the sandblaster is not a sensible option, since the house was designed during construction not on this openness and thus it exposes it to the weather. Although this fault can be remedied by a specialist, the costs incurred in this case are not in relation to the result.

A much better option for the complete retreading of the facade is a stone cladding that surrounds the house. Do not worry, the new skin is close to the existing living space, so the building loses neither its previous form nor its history by the refreshing. Rather, at the end of the construction phase, you are in front of your refreshed home and can rest assured that you will enjoy it for a long time to come.

Stone fits every type of building

Whether a 100-year-old farm or a modern single-family home: façade cladding made of stone has proven itself many times and fits every type of building. Who thinks of gray stone blocks: far from it! Stone cladding is available for homes in many styles, variations and colors. As different as these may be from their exterior, a stone cladding always brings many benefits to the residents!

Due to its robustness Stein offers the house perfect protection against wind and weather, no matter what the weather. In addition, it contributes directly to the air conditioning of the house: in summer, a stone façade provides pleasant cooling of the interior, while in winter it keeps the heat in the building. At the same time, the robust material makes the façade extremely easy to care for and saves costs, but eliminates the regular expenses for cleaning, fresh plaster or a new coat of paint. If an element of the stone facade really gets brittle or gets cracked, it can be quickly replaced by a specialist.

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Which stone should it be?

Stone is available in a variety of variations. Bright sandstone, polished slate or noble-looking granite: A stone cladding enhances the appearance of the house enormously and gives it a modern appearance. There are very few limits to the color scheme: Bricks, for example, are available in many different shades of color and are particularly eye-catching on older objects.

The choice of the right type of stone depends of course on your own taste, but you should also keep an eye on the environment: A house in terracotta-colored sandstone may look nice, but if the new look does not match the rest of the plot, it will work the overall picture rather disturbing. Fortunately, there are the architects whose computer you can try the different colors on the 3D model! This can certainly give good recommendations as to which type of stone seems to make the most sense for your object.

Additional insulation

As mentioned above, the cladding of the house not only contributes to the appearance, but also helps with a balanced air conditioning of the living spaces. Although they may seem airy at first glance, stone facades are extremely durable and reliably withstand the harshest weather conditions.  

Of course, special attention is paid to the appropriate insulation. In a stone cladding with facade supports, for example, this is fixed in the cavity between the original house wall and the stone slabs and fills it completely. The building now has a double insulating layer between the living space and the outer shell. Previously increasingly produced with chemical materials, today natural raw materials such as hemp or jute are used in the production of insulating mats. In addition to the harmless ecological aspect of these materials have the property of being absolutely tear-resistant and withstand even heavy load easily.

Vulnerabilities are fixed

The insulating interlayer also helps to remedy existing weak spots in the building. Especially with old, poorly insulated buildings, the heat dissipation can be significantly reduced by the cladding of the facade including a corresponding intermediate insulation. This makes sense, especially in the corners of the house, as they are very vulnerable to the loss of indoor heat. 

In addition, the doubled insulation layer increases the energy saving potential enormously: By storing the internal heat, the heating demand of the object goes back and the owners are pleased next to a cozy warm home on the next heating bill, because the costs go back with certainty, it saves money. 

Are they worth the savings?

In the end, cost is exactly the right keyword, because a project of this size should not forget the economic component. You should first think carefully about whether a stone cladding makes sense for your building from an economic point of view. Modern houses usually already have a contemporary insulation, so the changes would be more optical nature. 

Buildings of older design but can benefit enormously, get better protection against wind and weather and are incidentally by their new facade to the absolute eye-catcher! No matter which solution you decide on, do not just set off, but inquire in advance with the expert what costs you have to expect. So unpleasant surprises are avoided and you have the highest possible enjoyment of your - at least from the outside - retreaded object.

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