5 ideas for an english garden

English gardens invite you to dream and fascinate with casual elegance and structured wildness. All that meticulously laid out
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Romance and relaxed naturalness love. But even if the typical
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some rules and tricks to keep in mind when choosing an English
Would like to garden. Here are our tips and ideas.

Geometric shapes

The concept of the English Garden evolved in the 18th century in deliberate contrast to the French Baroque garden. While the French created strictly geometrical gardens, in England the focus was on the proximity to nature. Nevertheless, the natural-looking country gardens are based on architecturally structured structures. So lawns, beds and paths are created in geometric shapes. This creates a creative framework that radiates calm and structure. The beds themselves may be even more wild.

Hedges and walls

The formal framework for the English-designed garden, which captivates through its naturalness, is made up of hedges or natural stone walls, the latter often overgrown with moss or climbing plants. This is the typical nostalgic, idyllic charm of this garden type.

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Lush planting

As far as planting is concerned, English gardens are characterized by opulence and opulence. Here nature is allowed to blossom in full splendor. Controlled wild growth is the motto, because even if everything is allowed to grow in confusion, yet a certain structure should be recognizable. Which plants grow in the English garden is entirely up to personal taste. Of course, nothing works without roses. In addition, we like to add shrubs such as lavender, berry bushes and old fruit trees. Delphinium, lilac, yew, boxwood, clematis and hydrangea are also plants that are typically used in the English Garden.

The matching accessories

In addition to natural boundaries, beautifully structured areas and lush flower beds, accessories also play an important role in the English-inspired garden. Depending on the available space, romantic arbours or gazebos, a pergola perched, rosebows or water basins serve as an eye-catcher. Sculptures, planted bowls and sundials complete the look. Important: The focus is on natural materials, which are allowed to bring a certain patina.

The furniture

Last but not least, we take a look at the furniture in the English garden. White plastic tables and cheesy beer tent sets are just as inappropriate as stylized, futuristic seating. Instead, the focus is on dreamy, idyllic seating: wrought iron furniture with romantic flourishes fits perfectly into the cottage garden idyll, as do natural wood models. Benches surrounded by lush greenery are an absolute must-have in the English Garden.

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