7 practical ideas for a work corner in the bedroom

If our apartment has only a few rooms, some rooms must have several functions
at the same time, for example the bedroom. In the optimal case
We will only relax here and sleep at night. But often has to
just the dormitory also take over the function of the private office. Because mostly
There is no private room available.

we need a place where we can do our online banking
can store documents or we plan holidays. After all, the bedroom has
a big advantage: it is the space in the house that is actually the most quiet and
away from the rest of the event in the house is. But where should the work corner go,
if the bedroom itself does not seem very big. We have seven
possible ideas.

1. Ceiling solution for the library

Now we have talked enough and look at the first example. Here we are in a room that will function as a guest room and office at the same time. The advantage is that here only a single bed had to be accommodated. On the wall is a narrow, long desk. This is no longer a problem in such a format today, because the laptops do not need much depth. Instead of placing shelves on the floor, the white plain shelves were fixed to the upper part of the wall. This not only looks good, but also uses the otherwise dead room. 

2nd office corner on the second level

This solution is not suitable for everyone, but if you have enough room height but do not have the extensive floor dimensions, you can really let such an idea go through your head. Opportunities to build such a mezzanine, there are countless in the market. Our tip: It is best to discuss with a professional what and what material would be possible or which security questions have to be answered in advance. 

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3. Everything is well hidden

If we already want to place a large desk in the room, then we should make sure that we have as much storage space as possible in it. These can be drawers for our filing or office material, but also the stand PC and printer may hide in the desk. 

4. The PC table in the closet

In fact, there are also such systems on the market that hide an entire PC system in the closet. When closed, she hides in front of the eyes. And if you want to work, just open the cupboard and off you go. However, this is not a solution for those of us who want to spend long hours on the PC. Because the space is, as we see, limited compared to an open desk. 

5. More space through pull-out beds

If we have a space problem in the bedroom due to the working corner, we can look for the solution in another way and plan a functional bed that can be extended by extending it to a double bed. This offers the advantage that it creates space during the day when folded. The only drawback: The mattresses are given in many cases in such beds. If you need a special mattress to sleep in, you may have a problem here.    

6. A work table to unfold

A really nice solution for small office corners are modules in which the worktop can be opened. This offers maximum space savings in the room. In addition, the secretary in our picture also offers the possibility to store small things. Chic it is in any case!

7. Storage space under the double bed

Where to go with all our folders, of which we can not part or not. Because they often contain important documents for tax, insurance or banks. After all, under a bed there is often storage space, which we leave unused. But here we could integrate flat boxes or drawers in which we hide such documents. And if we need the folders, they are quick at hand. 

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