Creative ideas for wall colors in the bedroom

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To stage pictures

Which place in the apartment is better suited to be provided with an oversized image, as an otherwise free wall, which is also regularly in the field of view of the residents. Especially classic black-and-white motifs are used more and more in this context and are found again in both adult and youth rooms. Anyone who does not reproduce a complete picture on the wall in question, but only a section, not only provokes the interest of the visitors, but also uses a trendy stylistic device that perfectly stages a particular picture area.


Almost every person has a favorite saying that accompanies him through much of his life. Why not use it decoratively in your own home or in relation to the wall colors in the bedroom? The quotes and sayings are best expressed in black letters and on a white background. Of course, depending on the content, the words can also be fed with pictures and thus even better symbolized. Who has a comparatively large, white and free space available, should not be afraid to use it. An oversized large lettering in black and white design not only embellishes the day, but inspires - in an appealing font - also in terms of appearance.

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Pastel as a trend

Pastel tones or soft colors have not been enjoying popularity in the nursery for some time now. Above all, the unusual turquoise and blue tones have managed to conquer also other rooms, such as the parental bedroom. Noteworthy is the aspect of the variety of possibilities that arise in combination with other pieces of furniture. Pastel shades can be combined with many different nuances, but they are particularly well-suited to mixing with white tables, chests of drawers or the light bed frame. If the bedroom has a wide window front, the daylight thus entering creates wonderful reflections and colors.

Pattern, pattern, pattern

Especially in this day and age, the motto is that every home visitor should dare to use patterns when designing the wall colors in the bedroom. Whether in the context of more muted colors or in the bright version: repeating patterns are by no means boring, but testify to a high degree of color and style awareness. But especially with eye-catching colors, always be careful! The mix with other pieces of furniture and above all their color choice should be roofed over in order not to overload the room with the corresponding wall colors in the bedroom.

Ideal for globetrotters

The world map in the youth room has long been standard practice for most teenagers. However, those who are less enthusiastic about the classic globe should be interested in designing the wall colors in the bedroom. The silhouette of the world in black-and-white looks, or classic in color, not only modern and attractive, but also gives the opportunity to touch already visited places and thus set new goals again and again. Projecting the world map directly onto the wall in the bedroom has become a welcome alternative to traditional hanging of posters.

Separate the room areas

Unfortunately, many apartments do not provide enough space for their users to set up a separate study. It is therefore important to withdraw this - possibly in the bedroom - from the rest of the room and use accordingly. Again, the possibilities in terms of the design of the wall colors in the bedroom are varied. It does not matter whether the work corner is lifted off the rest of the room with colorful patterns, a card or just a bright color: if you choose your wall colors, you clearly separate your workspace from the sleeping area.

Vote and combine

Of course, the wall colors in the bedroom should always be matched with the corresponding curtains. To extreme contrasts create a confused picture and quickly affect the recreational level of the resident. Always make sure that at least a shade of your wall colors repeats in the bedroom with the curtains and thus create a coherent picture!

The well-known border

Anyone who thinks that a border in combination with the spatula technique is a rather old-fashioned stylistic device will be taught a lesson, thanks to current trends. Designers from all over the world are still fascinated by borders in all rooms and yet, in particular, clearly put the bedroom, in addition to the children's room, in the spotlight when it comes to attaching these little eye-catchers. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose between repetitive, simple patterns or figures. But do not use extreme color experiments! The elements and the wall colors in the border should, at least roughly, be found in the main wall.

Wall and ceiling as a unit

Nothing looks more unsightly than a sudden break in the bedroom wall colors. Therefore, it is always useful to deal with the continuation of the corresponding patterns and colors on the ceiling. In particular, rooms with high ceilings of at least three meters often appear predestined to extend the wall colors and their design even beyond their usual limits.

Courage to color

After all, it is the dweller himself who spends much of his life in his own bedroom and therefore has to be enthusiastic about his wall colors in the bedroom. Above all, artistic and creative people are less and less in favor of classic white and conscious of new ways of making either a wall or the entire room an eye-catcher. For the corresponding people, it is also important to realize themselves part of the wall colors in the own bedroom, to live "differently" and to make use of the complete range of offers and trends of the leading designers. Above all, the growing popularity of dark shades has been catching the eye for some time now and has also fascinated more and more people who were previously only enthusiastic about classic white.

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