23 grandiose ideas how to beautify your garden with wood!

If a
beautiful privacy screen for more privacy, a comfortable seating or
a decorative fence - with wood, the garden turns into a splendid
Transform oasis of well-being. Who likes to give his green oasis a natural charm
want to lend and like a rustic look, takes place in our today
Ideabook numerous inspirations to imitate, with which the garden
guaranteed to be even more beautiful!


1. The perfect combination of a cozy sitting area and sufficient privacy for more privacy.

2. For a unique look: Stone walls connect with a privacy screen made of woven bamboo.

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3. Plants are not only a must-have for any garden lover, but are great for decorating walls or the fence, while providing them with more privacy.

4. Particularly effective: a mix of different materials such as rustic wood and modern metal or glass.

5. A freestanding bamboo screen is suitable for almost any outdoor area and can be cut to any size.

6. Sometimes a new coat of paint is enough to give a modern garden wall a modern look.

7. A wooden floor is not only comfortable in the house. Even in the garden you can beautify such small niches or seating.

8. Naturally beautiful: A privacy screen made of simple wooden pallets.

9. A gabion fence made of rubble can be wonderfully combined with a bamboo screen.

10. Through individual color highlights you can give your garden effective accents.

11. By adding a high quality wooden floor you can create a harmonious overall picture.

12. A passage inside the fence is not only practical, but gives it an individual touch.

13. Decorative highlight: a privacy screen made of woven panels, which becomes an eye-catcher thanks to the flowerbed.

14. Simple wooden fences are perfect for decorating them with plants, creating a rural idyll.

15. Harmony of colors: The white picket fence is perfectly matched to the front door, while the small seating area reflects the tones of the red-brown tiles.

16. Garden fences with mesh inserts provide privacy while still allowing enough light in the garden.

17. A wooden fence with artificial greenery creates a rural idyll even in the city.

18. A wire fence is almost invisible and at the same time a good way to deny access to unwanted visitors.

19. The combination of different materials such as wood, stone and metal creates a modern privacy, which inspires by an extraordinary look.

20. Even simple wooden beams can be quite charming, if you decorate them, for example, with some greenery.

21. A real eye-catcher are these wooden frames, which were equipped with transparent and colored Plexiglas.

An individual construction can even turn a simple wooden fence into a design highlight.

23. A stainless steel sheet with elaborate ornaments gives the wooden fence a stylish look full of modernity.

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