The best materials for a kitchen worktop

Countless inspirations on high-quality kitchens are what we at homify have in store for you, but in this book of ideas we are dedicating ourselves for the first time to an important detail: modern kitchen worktops. These surfaces and above all the materials that make them up will be in the foreground. In addition to the cabinets and drawers as storage space for kitchen utensils, the kitchen worktop makes planning of the furniture complete. As a functional part of the kitchen workspace has to endure a lot of culinary art. The modern kitchen worktop can be made of traditional and innovative materials. Interesting colors bring them into the design of kitchens, but also optimized properties in the area of ​​material hardness and care. Conventional worktops are usually about 60 cm wide and have a height of about 90 cm. Other things are possible with modern kitchen countertops. When planning kitchens, the customer's wishes are met, the furniture height is adapted to their body sizes and, with the dimensions of the worktops, there is also much more creative freedom. Let's take a look at the variety of materials that kitchen worktops provide for kitchens.


Kitchen worktops are subject to heavy wear, which is why laminate is a preferred cladding surface on modern kitchen countertops. Laminate is made of decorative paper, which is pressed together under high pressure. The thus produced high-pressure laminate is highly abrasion-resistant, waterproof, impact resistant, odorless and easy to care for. This grade of laminate is also heat-resistant, with prolonged use making visible signs of wear, which are also manifested by ever-decreasing heat resistance. For safety, hot pots are not placed on the bare laminate, but on a coaster. The modern kitchen worktop made of laminate is sometimes in patterned decor, sometimes in a consistent color and thus of many facets. Above all, this material variant is the most cost-effective way to bring a robust surface into the kitchen design.

stainless steel

Above all, stainless steel is one thing about the modern kitchen counter: absolutely heat-resistant. On stainless steel you can not only your hot ones
Leave pots, but also with the knife on the
Work surface or accidentally spill liquid. The
Material has as properties in addition to the heat resistance and a
Resistance to scratches and food. With these features are
Worktops in commercial kitchens, but always
The material is more often used by private users than modern ones
Kitchen worktop inserted. Interesting is stainless steel for many
Planners, as these modern kitchen worktops made seamless
can be. The hygiene comes with the easy cleaning and care of the
Steel benefits. With a simple microfibre cloth and for stainless steel
certain cleaning agents will clean the surface and shine immediately
in its usual glow.

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Not everyone will appreciate the sterility of stainless steel and the minimalistic effect of laminate. If you like it rustic and like to use natural materials to create a warm ambience in the kitchen, you should opt for modern wooden kitchen worktops. These work surfaces are usually made of hard woods such as beech. Beech wood is one of the few woods that is only subtly grained and thus shows a restrained rustic touch. Instead of this typical organic pattern, the color of the wood comes to the foreground, which sounds like a soft brown on any kitchen worktop. Nature lovers will also appreciate the many other types of wood, which can be processed into modern kitchen worktops. With walnut or cherry, the color will be darker and the grain will suddenly appear on the work surface. Unlike stainless steel and other materials, wood is not the most durable material for working in the kitchen. With solid wood, the care is difficult because it can swell on contact with too much liquid. More problematic, however, is threatening fungal attack that occurs on wood that has been insufficiently painted or impregnated.

natural stone

As a natural product, modern kitchen countertops made of natural stone bring heat resistance and easy care as properties into kitchen planning. The matter of taste is left to it, whether you choose from the quite comprehensive range of natural stone slabs dull or polished surfaces. Modern kitchen worktops that use natural stone material are usually quartzite or granite. The latter is particularly preferred that the rock has a high density and thus can withstand many burdens in the kitchen. Granite countertops are available in many colors. In general, one can leave the decision for the appropriate natural stone color choice. Those who prefer darker colors will not miss the Gabbros natural stone. On the other hand, the natural stone Gneise promises bright colors for the worktop. 


The stylistic qualities that quartz brings to the design of modern kitchen worktops are extraordinary. One should not be fooled by the massive appearance of this material. Although quartz worktops are more resistant than wood, at around 200 ° C, this resistance is reduced, meaning that hot pots on a quartz worktop have nothing to look for. What is interesting about this material are its spectacular colors, which are also available with modern glitter effects for modern kitchen worktops.


The material Corian is a novelty that makes modern kitchen worktops the most impressive element of kitchen equipment. A combination of aesthetics and practicality, Corian presents both private and professional planners, opening up undreamt-of possibilities for furnishing with modern kitchen countertops. For the living room design of the kitchen, the material allows seamless transitions. The material itself is particularly impressive when it goes seamlessly from a flat surface into a sink and surrounds hotplates and water connections in a homogeneous manner. The mineral material Corian looks elegant in combination with the natural materials glass, stainless steel and wood and refines modern kitchen worktops in such compositions particularly. Especially for kitchens, the hygiene properties are suitable for choosing materials. At Corian you are on the safe side in terms of care and cleanliness, because the direct contact with food is certified by NSF / ANSI 51. 


To conclude our list of the best materials for modern kitchen work surfaces, we present you with Dekton a material that has all the positive qualities to shine as a surface in the kitchen and serve for a long time. Dekton is not only stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and fire-resistant in its capacity, but also color-resistant, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant, this material makes it possible to use even for modern outdoor kitchen work surfaces. Effortless and with high-quality and esthetic effect Dekton is applied to countertops on which the material forms no joints. What else you need to know to make your kitchen design perfect, betrays a click on this book of ideas.

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