Set up the house after Feng Shui

Today we want to invite you to a special kind of house tour - Feng Shui Style. The Feng Shui home apprenticeship was created before
around 2500 years ago and is based on the chi, the universal life energy. The
most important when setting up the apartment is, then, the free flow of the invisible
Do not hinder chi, but promote it as much as possible. And in every one
single room, because only when all areas of our house optimally with chi
are supplied, we are really well all round. Here you will learn what you can do
to make your home Feng Shui compliant.


We start with the first room of each house, the hallway. Although the entrance area is often neglected when it comes to furnishings and decoration, it plays an important role in the Feng Shui doctrine, as chi enters our home through the front door and then spreads out into the other rooms. There must not be a window or exit opposite the front door, otherwise the chi will have disappeared as quickly as it came in. In addition, it is advisable to make the hallway as inviting as possible and to provide a good and atmospheric lighting. And another tip: A mirror opposite the door is bad for the flow of Chi!


In the Feng Shui bedroom, the bed is the center of the room. All other furniture and objects are therefore always placed around the bed. It is important to place the headboard of the bed against a fixed wall and from there to have an eye on doors and windows, but without sleeping with the feet to the door. Elements that disrupt our peaceful night's sleep, such as computers, TVs, or mirrors, rob us of energy, sleep, and relaxation, according to Feng Shui, and should therefore be banished from the bedroom. Plants bring with them excess energy and are also out of place here. Bright, natural tones like cream, beige or sand are perfect for the bedroom as well as rounded edges and soft fabrics.

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Water plays a big role in Feng Shui and serves as energy storage. The bathroom with toilet and drains is therefore fundamentally more difficult to reconcile with the Feng Shui teaching. However, as it is difficult to separate the bathroom from the other rooms of the house these days, we have to make do with some tricks and tricks. To achieve a good balance, the bathroom should always be well lit and ventilated. Natural tones such as sand, cream or terracotta stabilize the energy of chi, as well as gentle curves and indoor plants. And: Disorder and chaos disturb the chi considerably, so in the bathroom everything should disappear behind closed doors and in closed containers.

living room

As for the bed in the bedroom, the living room is the sofa - the absolute center of the room. So that we can really feel absolute peace and security on the couch, it should definitely be on the wall and you should from there as possible door and window in view. To ensure that the chi can flow well and undisturbed, round shapes in the living room are always better than angular ones. And since Feng Shui is basically not a fan of televisions, it is best to put the good part in a closet or otherwise make it invisible immediately after use. Here are more tips on Feng Shui in the living room.


In the study, the location, orientation and size of the desk play an essential role. Behind the desk - in our backs - we should not place a door or a window wherever possible. In this room it is especially important that the positive chi energy is not offset by the energy from the many electrical appliances. Indoor plants can help to reduce the electrical radiation and energy dust of the devices and fend off. Important: Always keep order in the Feng Shui study so that chi does not stagnate!

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