The advantages and disadvantages of large windows

As a builder of your own home, you are often faced with unimaginable decision-making issues. Especially at
Consultations with the lead architects
Problems, suggestions and hypotheses on the table that the
Lay people are alien and uncertainties arise. undoubtedly
an ugly feeling, which is quite contrary to the joy,
which should actually prepare the planning of the new home. With
our ideas books we would like to ask you for crucial questions
Making house building fit and on par with planners and architects
bring. Therefore, this time it will go to the subject of windows, in which
the architectural and subjective sense of large windows
carefully weigh.

Why big windows?

Windows are much more than mere openings for the purpose of light incidence. At a house they are the
Interface between inside and outside that the private in contact
bring with the outside world and vice versa the environment with the private
Connect space. Purely subjective is considered with the opening and
Closing the windows regulates this connection: When opening
Oxygen flows into the room, penetrating sounds, whereas
closing the windows or pulling the curtains and
Shutters keeps the exchange under wraps. Even more so if it is
are big windows. Then that is the wide view
possible and generous insight granted, fresh air may
flow unbridled into the room as well as the sounds of nature.
If you live in a quiet, natural environment, big windows are called
welcome those sensory stimuli that are gentle and pleasing to us
act like the abundant incoming light.

Fully glazed walls - a new trend

In the job profile of the architect, basic technical understanding and artistic creation come together.
This is revealed to our eyes in buildings, the high utility factor
promise and aesthetically impress. Many architects begin
free designs with an idea or even a vision. in the
Creation process could be one of the decision to build a house
glassed-in walls indeed deny something visionary, because
Traditionally, the facade of a house builds stone by stone
together. Not so with the new trend in the field of architecture, the
Prescribes buildings oversized windows and or
masonry house walls replaced directly by glass. In the latter case
The glazing extends over several floors and allows
the inhabitants the total view to the outside. Big windows,
Full glazing and the unobstructed view to the outdoors are there above all else
desired, where the environment shows in a particularly beautiful panorama.
For your own benefit, the fully glazed facade and the large
Window when the nearest neighbor to the full living room is far away and privacy
stay protected.

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There are a lot of guidelines for the cost of large windows
note. Besides window type and window size are nominal thicknesses of
Interior and exterior windows important calculation factors. nowadays
In buildings, windows are often installed, which are replaced by several
Slices are isolated. Also the gaps in this
Glazing arise, are considered priced. Besides
The heat transfer coefficient plays a significant role in the
Pricing. This coefficient is closely related to
the determination of the energy-efficient properties of the windows. in the
Trade glasses are divided into resistance classes, where
the more robust the glass, the higher its price. Is that the right glass
chosen for a window and house building in crucial phase,
the window glass can be fitted into the facade. technically
Clever builders are welcome to install small windows
try for yourself and at the same time save costs. For large windows
However, you do yourself a favor when you are attaching professionals
leaves. This also costs of course, which is why you at large
In any case, you have to put up windows in terms of costs. Without these
Attachment is a 4.5 square meter window at a price of about
350.00 EUR.


At the latest when spring cleaning is also on the window cleaning. Depending on
House size and number of windows and size can be fast
half day pass. Especially if wrong
Detergents and bad manner of cleaning streak again and again
must improve. Everything is right when the big windows
first be freed of pollen or dust with a fine broom. With
a sponge that you put in a mixture of water, dish soap and
a splash of vinegar soaks her then the dirt from the
Slice and brush your home-made cleaning water with a puller
thoroughly. For this you work in horizontal paths on the
Window glass in front and wipes the rubber lip of each track after
Cleaner clean. The rubber lip on pullers is often from
Wear affected, which is reflected in an uneven shape. To the
Windowpanes will have such wear on a streaky
Show final result when brushing. As completion of the cleaning action
becomes a microfibre cloth or chamois leather at such moments
used to make your big windows shine again,
by the cloths catching residual moisture and possible edges
polishing. Newsprint will gladly be used for this, whereby
There is a risk that the printing ink on the window as a dirt edge
becomes visible. As a last tip, we give you for the self
Cleaning windows with, not to start in the sunshine.
The heat will dry the slices so fast that streaks
be visible faster and not optimally repaired
can. Easier you go to your large windows ans
Plant if you hire a cleaning company. On ladders or
Cranes are the professional cleaners secured and
reach every corner of your big one with their special cleaners
Window. A clear advantage has to clean itself, however: It
is completely free.


Owners of houses, which are equipped with large windows, have something ahead of current and future clients. You can look back on an empirical value and report on the everyday advantages and disadvantages of large windows. Each of these owners will find it an advantage that the view from large windows is something very special. Panoramic windows open up the architecture of a building and give the building an optical lightness whose aesthetics reach into the house. Large windows are a suitable stylistic device to flood the rooms of a flat or a house with natural light. Also, the air regulation within the four walls can serve large windows. Since an open window brings a lot of air into the room in a short time and allows the used oxygen just as quickly pass through the openings to the outside, fresh air is quickly taken care of.


But even disadvantages of the large windows become homeowners
To inform builders. The cost of such large area
Windows are definitely an investment to talk about before
should think carefully. If you look at the costs of the above
350.00 EUR and this amount with the
Number of required windows multiplied, are the acquisition costs
to critically question. In addition, not only do big windows let
Light, but also heat through - in both directions!
Higher heating costs can therefore arise as well as an increased
Heat development inside the building. Who else for the window
Decision aids needed should look into this Idea book.

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