9 sensational wooden ceilings

You think wooden ceilings stuffy, stale and absolutely not trendy? Then you should not click away now, because we have you
brought with you today nine examples that prove and show you the opposite
how stylish a wooden ceiling can be. The times of dusty, gloomy
Wooden ceilings that crush the room and cause claustrophobic fears are
namely long gone. Today, wood on the ceiling is modern, individual and
super stylish. Betting?

New and old

In architecture and interior design, it has long been a trend to mix old and new, to combine trend and tradition, and to mix past and present into a coherent, exciting overall picture. This is what happened in this house, which has been furnished in a modern style and opened with large windows in the surrounding area. Nevertheless, some charming details of the past have been preserved, such as the arched door openings and just the distinctive wooden ceiling, which got a light coat and so contemporary and friendly.

Rustic coziness

Not everyone likes style homes, which look like they are in the glossy magazine and do without frills, colors and warmth. No wonder, then, that as an alternative to puristic minimalism, rustic and cozy furnishings are very popular. Here, the sturdy wooden ceiling with a stone floor and the fireplace combine to create a homely and natural overall look that is far from old-fashioned and stately.

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Inspiration from the Far East

In Japan, the natural, soothing effect of wood has been appreciated for centuries. There, the architects and interior designers are able to impressively combine clear lines and minimalist looks without much chichi and flourish with high-quality natural materials to achieve a harmonious, clear and extremely appealing overall picture.

All in white

Bright white is the trend color in interior design, without which nothing works. Especially facilities that cover rooms from ceiling to floor in pure white make the hearts of design fans beat faster. This example convinces on the whole line, because the popular non-color is accompanied by high-quality natural materials and different structures and textures. This way, it never gets boring, even in white - and as a nice side effect, the apartment looks much brighter and more generous.

Modern country house style

White painted wooden ceilings should not be missing in the country style, because they take the country-style look its old-fashioned clumsiness and give it instead modern lightness and freshness.

100% wood

Rooms where both ceilings and floors as well as the walls are clad in wood are today not only found in mountain huts and chalets, but increasingly also in modern apartments whose owners appreciate the natural, warm appearance and the pleasant indoor climate. which go hand in hand with the popular natural material.

Versatile multi-talent

The fact that wood is versatile and changeable like no other material is no secret. Accordingly, for a thrilling look in a single room, the most diverse types of wood, colors and locations can be combined to form a coherent and interesting overall picture. Here, for example, meets the natural, heavily grained ceiling on brightly stained doors, a cool gray wooden floor, red-brown bedside tables and a bright white, ornate headboard.

Cool contrast agent

In modern architecture, wood is often used to create a warm, natural contrast to clean lines, lots of glass, concrete and steel. Here, in combination with large windows, a light gray floor and the red walls, a coherent and exciting overall picture emerges.

Suitable for the ambience

Wooden ceilings are not only used inside the house, but are also very popular outdoors. Here, too, they can be used in a variety of ways and, according to their personal style, stage either modern or rustic, classic or romantic. In this photo we see a robust, natural design of old beams, which make an irresistible connection with the natural stone on the ground and in the background as well as the green nature all around.

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