13 wardrobe designs perfect for small spaces

A cabinet is an indispensable item for the organization and functionality in our lives. The cabinet does not have to be large, but so convenient that clothes and other items can be easily sorted and removed.

In this article we present you 13 projects of compact and stunning cabinets that show that it is possible to integrate a small, functional and elegant wardrobe with space for everything in the apartment.
Be inspired by the projects! You will see that it is perfectly possible to accommodate everything optimally without having to change anything great!

1. The cube

If the room is too small to accommodate a cupboard, you can work with such a cube! This is designed so that with a ladder the bed can be reached on the cube, on the front side of the cube is enough storage space for small parts or a TV and in the cube the wardrobe can be accommodated! This solution not only has a cool look, but is also extremely practical!

2. Optimize the room

When the storage space is small, it is necessary to optimize the space. A tailor-made solution is ideal as it makes the most of the space and allows the cabinet to fit perfectly into the environment. In this project, the wooden cabinets fit perfectly in the room, as they were aligned to the ceiling height.

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3. Made-to-measure

Cabinets made by a carpenter are ideal, as you can see in this example. Here is everything from niches on fans and hanging options available, what you need to have a great overview and to be able to find any piece of clothing directly.

4. Integrate the cabinet in the bathroom

If your bathroom is spacious enough, it can be divided into different areas. One area for the sink and cupboard, the other for the toilet and shower. In this bathroom you will find everything you need to prepare well for going out. The clothes are already hanging and in front of the mirror the styling can be perfected. This composition is particularly elegant and stylish with the wooden, black lacquered frames.

5. Disconnect the cabinet with curtains

If the hallway in the house is tight and the bathroom too small, then the cabinet can only be integrated into one room - in this case in the bedroom. The blue curtain also separates the wardrobe from the rest of the room in color and looks stylish and chic. So a wardrobe has been created in a simple way, which can now accommodate the clothes and accessories ideal and even in style and personality can not be surpassed.

6. The separation with glass

In this project, part of the existing terrace was converted into a wardrobe and integrated into the space. The physical separation is made by sliding glass doors, which not only look great, but also give the room more depth.

7. Use departments!

In order to get more order in the room, the hangers can be hidden behind the doors. The shoes also find their place in one of the cupboards, so that the area in front of the cabinets does not have to be delivered and it always looks neat. In addition, clothes rails have been installed here, which also provide space and the most beautiful clothes as decoration in the foreground.
If space in the room allows it, even small benches on the side of the window are ideal for bringing a little more comfort to the changing room!

8. The closed dressing room

A closed room as a dressing room is a nice thing. As a rule, the cabinet with sliding doors is separated from the rest of the room. The sliding door can in this case be made of the same or a contrasting material. 

A separate dressing room has the advantage that everything is compact and the private area is also protected from prying eyes of the visitors - especially when there is a little disarray! But not only the privacy is protected, but also the clothes from unpleasant food odors, if in the preparation of the smell of roasting roams through the apartment. If the dressing room still has its own window, it can also be properly ventilated if necessary. If this is not the case, there are small fragrance bags made of lavender, which make the clothes smell fresh.

9. The classic variant: drawers with shelves

To pick up all the parts and keep track, a sophisticated system like this example is very useful here. Here already existing elements were mixed with new elements, shelves were added and also the height of the individual subjects was adjusted, so that really everything finds its place. The drawers serve as a storage place for small parts such as ties or underwear. The drawers in the middle of the room are also equipped with glass, so that the most important and beautiful parts can always be seen directly. Sophisticated extras could also be drawer elements or boxes with wheels, which can be driven aside if necessary.

10. The sliding doors

Here a separate room was created through a sliding door and a small wall. The door made of matt glass used here gives the room a more airy look and also ensures better lighting conditions. Doors made of wood or metal look darker, optically reduce the space, but offer even more privacy. Ultimately, the material is a matter of taste, but the sliding doors are a space-saving and nice way to integrate a cabinet in a room!

11. The open wardrobe in style

The open wardrobe has no doors and is not separated from the other rooms. But it offers a lot of freedom of movement and can easily be used by several family members. For families, this open cabinet is therefore a practical solution. 

With boxes, small parts can be stored nicely and the overview is maintained. Depending on your preference, a curtain can be attached, which is tightened if necessary and thus protects against prying eyes.

12. The closet in the attic

Attics offer plenty of space, but are often equipped with sloping ceilings. And yet, lofts are ideal to use as a dressing room, especially if there is no space in the house for a wardrobe. The original storage space in the loft now shines in new splendor and is the attractive design to a new area in the house. Specialists can produce individual wall units for the bevels so that the space can be used ideally. Depending on the size of the attic, only a small part can be transformed into a dressing room, but it is important to pay attention to the insulation so that the moisture in the winter does not cause damage to the clothing!

13. Why mirrors are so important

One must not miss the choice of clothing: the mirror! The best variant shows you from head to toe, as in this example here. Most of the space is missing for an extra mirror or you have to laboriously walk into another room to be able to look at his choice of clothes. The simplest solution is therefore to attach mirrors directly to the cabinet doors or to the wall. This variant is not only space-saving, but also visually enlarges the room!

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