10 intelligent house plans that inspire you

Anyone who builds a house or apartment, must in any case set a floor plan. A floor plan is a drawing or a computer-generated illustration of the spatial conditions. Here you can see how the house is to be divided spatially, where the bathroom and where the kitchen is and where windows and doors are planned. A floor plan can help you imagine the living space better. In addition, one can read the exact room dimensions of technical drawings with size specifications. So the furniture, the kitchen and the bathroom can already be planned in advance.

Floor plan with open living area

The advantage of a floor plan with room size by square meters, helps with the visual presentation of the room. On this floor plan of a modern family home, family and guests are welcomed in a large hallway. Instead of a cellar, the house has a utility room where washing machine and supplies find their place. In addition to a study and a small guest toilet, the spacious living area can be entered through a double door. In a floor plan, doors should be so marked that you can see in which direction they are opened, so that the furniture can be better planned. Meanwhile, the trend is to integrate an open kitchen in the living and dining area. A half-island, which closes with the wall, the kitchen is optically delimited from the room.

First floor in the small house

The upper floor of this small house consists of only one bedroom and a bathroom. From the floor plan we can see that part of the bedroom was separated by an open wall. In this part, a small sitting area was set up, which allows enough privacy in the bed despite the small space. The bathroom was ideally used with its tube shape. A step leads to a large bathtub and a shower, which was separated by a wall from the toilet. A toilet can be accommodated in the bathroom a bit hidden, because it is definitely not the nicest furnishing of the small wellness oasis.

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Floor plan with garage

In this picture we recognize the floor plan of a cozy single-family house with garage. Through a small corridor, the visitor enters a guest bathroom, a study and the living area. It has an open-plan kitchen, a dining table and a seating area. Due to the open design of the room continues and floor to ceiling windows let in the light of day. Although the house is not particularly large, it offers space for everything a dream home should have. The large terrace encloses almost the entire living area, which beautifies the Ausblich of inside.

Bungalow: Everything on one floor

Previously, the floor plan of a house was represented by a technical drawing. The architects went to great lengths to draw in the room layout and dimensions by hand. Today almost all professionals work with a computer software that makes it possible to better visualize the living space, and equip me directly with furniture. So the prospective buyer or buyer of the object can better imagine what the final result will look like. In this bungalow is the entire living space on one floor. Life without stairs is particularly suitable for people with mobility problems, wheelchair users and children. Since all rooms are housed at ground level, bungalows on most floor plans are usually larger than multi-storey houses. The living room is, as often, in the center of the action. This example shows, in contrast to the previous, a closed kitchen adjacent to the dining area. Since bungalows are usually built without a cellar, a large utility room can be entered through the kitchen.

Floor plan before and after

Especially when buying a condominium, it may happen that the floor plans are made according to a pattern or proposed by an architect. But if the new home is still in the early stages of construction, the buyer may make some changes. In this example, we see a before-and-after picture in which three rooms have become one. The owner opted for a more open living space, giving it a larger living and dining area. Before the conversion is planned privately, however, it must be checked which walls can be removed. Due to the static and the higher floors, no load-bearing walls can be torn or left out.

Penthouse with spacious living area

A penthouse above the roofs of a metropolis is something very special. Especially if it has a large roof terrace, from which one can throw a sweeping view over the city. On the layout of this luxury apartment, we can not only discover the usual rooms, but also a sauna, a steam room, a dressing room and a lift that goes directly into the apartment. The living area, in this plan modestly Hall is called, offers plenty of space for an open kitchen with kitchen island and everything that belongs to a designer living room. Unfortunately, the size of the living space can not be deduced from the floor plan. But those who are spoiled for choice between steam room and sauna will certainly have enough space to feel good.

Open living in the south

In warm and tropical parts of the earth, open living is aisle and prayer. Some of the houses are completely open, so that the living room as well as the kitchen and the dining area are only protected by two outer walls and a roof. On this floor plan we see a window front, which can be opened completely if necessary. The residents can thus contribute the permanently good weather in their living space. Also, this floor plan can be described as a visualization, but gives us a good idea of ​​the construction.

Dream view from every bedroom

This floor plan is also part of a south-facing house. The architects allow a pool view for each family member through a series of bedrooms. The bedrooms are each equipped with a bathroom and can be reached via a long wooden walkway. The rest of the house is also adapted to a warm climate. An outdoor kitchen and an open living space combine life in the house and garden.

Floor plan of a luxury villa

The representation in a multi-storey residential building can be perfectly represented as on this floor plan. Each floor is listed individually, including lower floors are included in the visualization. The extraordinary architecture of this luxury villa makes it clear that there are almost no limits to the designer's dreams. The ground floor and the first floor have the usual living space (in luxurious facilities) while the upper floor is crowned by a large roof terrace and offers a wonderful view of the pool.

Modern forms

Square is indeed practical and good, but when it comes to extraordinary living experiences, the floor plan of the dream house can also like to dance out of line. Instead of straight lines, the room can also give off oblique walls character and offer with so-called Nieschen space for cozy sofa corners. The floor plan shows a walk-in living area, which offers space for three bedrooms and a large living area through intelligent layout. Each bedroom has a private bathroom with shower, while the family bathroom with bath is accessible from the hallway. If you can not get enough of dream homes, look at this Ideabook.

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