10 practical ideas for your utility room

A well-equipped laundry room is a must in every household. Because here we can
our cleaning products, dirty laundry, washer or dryer and much
bundle more. So there is not chaos everywhere in the house. But especially in
This is not always easy to implement in small single-family homes or apartments.
We've put together some ideas for you today that show us how
Such a place can best be set up, no matter how many square meters
available to us.

1. Optimal use of spaces

We have a room available that does not have optimal dimensions but is big enough to accommodate
to set up a utility room? And water connections are also there?
Perfect: Then it's all about how we best possible such a room
set up. With these kitchen modules in our first example have been a lot
Storage space and large work surfaces created, the sink serves for
Preparation of care-intensive clothes. And located at the washing machines
a bar with hanging clothes
to let. By the way, the dark ground is an optimal choice here. Because that's not the way to see dust and dirt at first sight. 

2. Modern utility room

This utility room resembles a bathroom because of its appearance through large sized tiles
is given. They are especially handy because the room is so light
can be cleaned. Because by the washing, drying and ironing of the laundry arises
automatically dirt. Because in this room the floor area is not very big,
you thought upwards and just put the washing machine on the wall
suspended. However, this requires a strong mount.

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3. Happy housekeeping in green

Taking care of the household is an unpleasant business? Not in this
Utility room. Because the cheerful design of this room by the
green color palette makes bad mood disappear. Open shelves and
Laundry baskets ensure that maximum order can be kept. And through
the window at the head of the room makes the room beautiful by a lot of natural light

4. Good organization is the alpha and omega

Also this laundry room is focused on maximum organization. Closed cabinet modules provide plenty of space for all sorts of household accessories that can not be found anywhere else. Through the worktop, which is aligned with the long window front, the room receives a lot of light. We can look directly from here into the green. So the work is much more fun. In the small washing baskets on the right side can be sorted practically clothes pegs, socks or underwear. 

5th Laundry in the bathroom

Especially in apartments, we often see the challenge that the common
Laundry room is located in the basement of the apartment house. But that is more than impractical.
Because actually we do not want to lug the laundry through the whole house, but
do everything on the spot. Then maybe we'll find in the bathroom
a small corner for washing machine and accessories. Advantage of such
Solution: The water connections are directly in place. And in that
Closet can be not only accessories, but also towels and cosmetics
stow. With it we sleep two birds with one stone.

6. The washing machine in the kitchen

In this small kitchen in country house style the washing machine had to be accommodated, otherwise
no room was available. It fits snugly in the kitchen module below
a worktop and near the sink.

7. Shelving systems for more order

Most of us only notice the floor space of a room when it comes to one
To furnish room. There are so many more possibilities if we have the
Available space would also think in the Höge. They have that too
Landlords done in our next example. The small room gets through
An open shelving system along the wall to below the ceiling and offers
a lot of space for household accessories.

8. Small, but everything in place

It does not always have to be elaborate furniture systems to a utility room
to set up. The L-shaped open shelves and clothes rails are off
painted metal and create a quiet by their uniform structure
Atmosphere in the small room. And so
The room then does not look tiny anymore.

9. Clever ideas

The utility room is really very small? Then we have to be clever and practical at the same time
Use solutions to still be able to integrate all functions. The ironing board
is a nice example of that. Because it does not take up much space and leaves
to fold against the wall when not in use. And also the drying rack
fits on the ceiling and not on the floor.

10. White - ideal color choice for the laundry room

White is one of the ideal colors for a laundry room at Homify. Why it is like that?

- White generated
always a sense of cleanliness and hygiene - that fits especially for one

- White makes
small rooms seemingly bigger.

- White leaves
to combine with any color and materials on walls or floors
and always looks good.

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