How to make your home minimalistic

A minimalist decor plays a big role for many people today. Now, where everyday life is often due to stress
It is fun to enter an apartment after work that is not
by decoration, but by an appealing mix of coziness and
Modernity inspires. If you want to furnish your apartment in a minimalistic way,
Nevertheless, some guidelines should be observed so that the spaces created neither
Too drab still too empty. So it's all about minimalism
skilful interplay of colors, clean lines and a device that
both functional and inviting at the same time. Particularly appealing are
Apartments, in their context, not just one room, but the whole
Surface has undergone a minimalist make-over. So last you
you should definitely pay attention to our tips.

Work one room at a time

Just when you're thinking about minimalist decor, but at the moment your home is in a completely different style, you should be careful! Set yourself an order in which you want to devote yourself to the different rooms. On the other hand, if you want too much too fast, only chaos arises, which often ends in frustration. Which room you choose in this context does not matter. Rather, it is important that you make the right decisions in the room at the right time. Here in the past, above all, an approach has been established that initially focuses on the larger pieces of furniture. Especially with the new, minimalist furnishing of your apartment applies: from big to small! You can find inspirations for your minimalist sleeping area here!

Start with the furniture

Minimalist pieces of furniture are characterized by clear lines on the one hand, and bright, friendly colors on the other. This circumstance offers you the clear advantage that you can usually implement a minimalist setup in small rooms without any problems. The bright colors help you to make a room look a bit more transparent or inviting. Furniture such as the couch is of particular importance here. It enjoys an unbroken popularity, especially in white and gray tones, and adapts perfectly to the rest of your minimalist decor. For other pieces of furniture, such as dressers or cabinets, you should also look for the color white. Many manufacturers now offer their furniture based on wood in combination with a light paint finish.

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Keep only what is really important

Even if it is difficult: minimalism is characterized by the deliberate renunciation of unnecessary objects. Of course, this should not mean that decorative items per se should be considered unnecessary! Still, they definitely do not fit the classic, minimalist style. So now is the time to put deco and other little dust catchers aside and instead experience your own four walls in a completely new way. It is important to prove the proverbial courage to fill the gap, especially in the context of minimalist furnishing. It is quite deliberate to consciously create empty spaces and thus to use them both visually and psychologically. The emptiness stimulates the imagination. 

Free ground

No matter if you decide on a tile or a classic laminate in the course of the minimalist decor: pay attention to the fact that it is not unnecessarily seized by runners or other home accessories! If you do not want to do without a carpet or a small runner, of course, this should also be in a light color, preferably in white, held. If you find the apartment alone with a runner on the floor still too bald, you can add a potted plant to your facility. However, even more home accessories are - especially in the field on the floor - in the course of minimalist furnishings not recommended and should, if this style is to be pursued, not used.

Free surfaces

Especially then, if you have a large chest of drawers, the temptation is certainly great to have different decorative elements find their place here. However, here again it is important to have the courage to consciously not rely on glass figures or other accessories and instead let calm on the visitor and the inhabitants. However, the resulting empty surfaces definitely attract the attention of the visitors. Therefore you should of course always make sure that they are neither dusty nor otherwise polluted. There are even more suggestions for the minimalist furnishing style here!

Free walls

The minimalist setting is also characterized by the abandonment or the limited use of pictures, posters and other wall decoration. If you can not live without wall decorations, you should pick a favorite from your portfolio and skillfully put it in scene. Of course, in order to match your new style, it should also come in light colors so as not to unnecessarily stir up the otherwise uniformly created image. Ideally, the colors on the wall are of course also found in the interior. Nevertheless you should do without big, bulky picture frames in any case. They do not suit your new living room any more than a flood of posters or other "jammers". Instead, enjoy the emptiness of the walls and let your mind wander!

Stores some items and accessories

Of course, the fact that you probably have to part with some of your decor accessories in the context of minimalist setup does not mean that you will never see them again. Therefore, it goes without saying that you do not have to dispose of the furniture that does not follow the minimalist style. It makes the most sense, therefore, everything that no longer fits your decor, either in the basement or in the attic store, and if necessary, to bring out again. Only experience can show you whether you can really get excited about Minimalism, which enjoys unabated popularity, especially in Norway, or whether your exchange campaign was more of an amusing venture. Either way, the minimalist interior design style is definitely worth testing.

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